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Guardian Angel is a Trophy / Achievement in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. In order to collect it you’ll have to successfully escort ten friendly cargo shipments.
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Cart Escorts or Cargo Escorts appear randomly on the streets of London, usually in your close vicinity. They have no level requirement and usually reward you with £700, 350 XP, and some resources. You can check out the type of resource by hovering over the icon on the map.

How to unlock Cart Escorts

Follow the steps below and you’ll unlock Cart escorts
  • Your first step is to talk to Ned Wynert in Southwark.
  • After that Cart Hijack unlocks
  • Once you unlock Cargo Hijack buy Ale Heist Gang Upgrade from the Swindler menu. This upgrade will unlock Cart Escorts
TIP: Cargo escorts usually appear in your vicinity, and in the large streets.
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Cart Escort

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