AC Unity Memories of Versailles walkthrough Sequence 1 - Memory 1

After the Prologue, which serves as an introduction to the game and story, you start off with memory Sequel 1 in the famous castle of Versailles. This chapter, or rather sequence, is more about basic introduction to stealth.
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You find out about the newly introduced feature where a small ghost-like silhouette shows up where the guards last saw you.

The sequence starts off with a small boy (Arno) who follows a young girl (Elise) through the palace. Just keep following her through the garden area, head for the table in the center and steal an apple. Once you steal the apple, a guard will spot you.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-1-Memory-1-Apple Image
Steal the apple, the guard will spot you.
Leave the garden by attracting attention away from the guard. Draw his attention on one side and go around him and exit the garden. This is where the new feature comes in play. A series of cutscenes sheds more light on Arno’s childhood and tragic death of his father.

Assassin's-Creed-Unity-Memories-of-Versailles-Sequence-1-Memory-1-Guards Image
Use this tent to hide and go through the gate here.
After the cutscenes, you start playing as Arno 13 years later. You drop your watch after wrestling Victor and his brother Hugo picks it up and you need to chase him down while sliding under and above tables and different obstacles. Eventually, in the market area, you catch up to him to bring him down.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-1-Memory-1-Hugo Image
Chase Hugo in the street and go through the window.
Another cutscene bring up your next task and this time you need to run away without getting tackled. We found the best way to be by climbing up this platform and up to the roof. When you get away from the guards, head to the waypoint to finish memory sequence 1.

Complete video walkthrough below:


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