Assassin's Creed Rogue All Tablet locations in Abstergo

As you play through Assassin’s Creed Rogue, you will find yourself in modern day world inside Abstergo Industries. You will be given tasks of doing several things here as part of the main story mission and along the way you will come across several types of collectibles.
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One of these collectibles are tablet computers scattered all over Abstergo Induistries. The first time you wake up in Abstergo all of the employees have to vacate in a hurry, leaving everything behind, including aforementioned tablets. Picking up these will unlock little background story entries called Tablet Documents that reveal different ideas for next genetic memory adventures. There are 20 tablets to be collected in total and in the end you will unlock Final Tablet Document; a special painting that shows location of a hidden treasure. Once you find this location, you will be able to dig up English percussion flintlock pistols with 5 attack, 3 stun and 5 range.


You will not be able to pick up all of the tablets at the beginning. Many are found behind security doors and on other floors of the building that you get access to only when you complete a certain portion of the main story. We have therefore decided to list the tablets and their locations based on when you unlock them instead of their numerical order.

Tablets found after Sequence 1

First time you are able to wander around Abstergo offices, you will be able to pick up 5 tablet computers. You have no security clearance, so these will all be found in publicly accessible areas on the second floor (helix research) of the building.

Tablet Document 01

Tablet holding the first document is found on the floor in front of the elevator and reception desk of Helix research department.

Tablet Document 12

Found on a chair in the conference room northeast of the reception desk. You can pick it up as you go to your main objective.

Tablet Document 08

Employees left their Animus desks in a hurry and some of them left their tablets behind as well. This one is found on top of one of Animus’ desks.

Tablet Document 04

You can’t enter the security room, because it is guarded, but you can pick up the tablet left on the floor in front of it.

Tablet Document 14

Enter the men’s room to find another tablet.

Tablets found after Sequence 2

As you finish your first “corrupted memory”, you will be waking up in Abstergo again. You need to restart the servers in the lobby and pick up all the tablets you can find along the way. You’ll also get level 1 security clearance, so you can now open doors with lvl 1 locks on them. You will find one tablet in Berg’s office on the second floor and four more are located in the lobby.

Tablet Document 03

Your first task is to talk to Berg and you can find a tablet on a couch in his office.

Tablet Document 10

As you exit the elevator into the lobby, you will see the tablet on the floor.

Tablet Document 13

In the eastern part of the lobby look at the ground to find a tablet next to some lounge chairs.

Tablet Document 18

Keep moving north towards the exit and you should see this collectible next to some stairs going down. No, you can’t escape Abstergo…

Tablet Document 07

Go behind lounge chairs next to the west wall and you will find the last tablet in the lobby laying on the floor.

Tablets found after Sequence 3

You have learned a lot about Shay in the Animus, but it is now time to come back to the real world and visit the fifteenth floor to talk to the CCO. She will grant you Security Clearance 2 so you will be able to access new areas, but only one tablet is hidden behind a lvl 2 locked door.

Tablet Document 15

As you get to the 15th floor go towards the CCO’s office, but before you enter go to the right corner to find a tablet on the floor.

Tablet Document 06

After talking to the CCO, (or before that) go outside on the balcony. Beside a beautiful winter city landscape, you will be able to find another Tablet document.

Tablet Document 02

As you reach your main mission objective, you will find your next tablet behind lvl 2 security access door.

Tablet Document 05

Go back to the second floor, where you Animus is and go into the northeast room, which you couldn’t access before. With Level 2 security clearance, you can now enter the room and find the last Tablet document collectible for now.

Tablets found after Sequence 6

This is the last time you will wander around Abstergo, so make it count. If you missed any of the tablets previously, you can now pick them all up. You have now seen all the secrets, so you are granted security level access 3 and can access all the previously locked rooms (and find tablets inside). You also get to visit the basement as part of the main mission.

Tablet Document 17

Go to the basement and as you make your way towards the mission’s objective, you should see the glow of a tablet in the dark.

Tablet Document 20

There are lvl 3 access rooms found in the eastern corridor. I explored these before I repaired the computer for the main mission, so it was still very dark, but you can come back here after you enabled the computers and the lights turn back on. I found it easier to spot the tablet in the dark though.

Tablet Document 11

As you are about to take the elevator down to the server room, you will come across a table laying on the floor.

Tablet Document 09

Instead of going back to your Aniumus, go to the lobby. There were two lvl 3 access doors there and east room holds the tablet with document 9 on it.

Tablet Document 16

There are two rooms you can enter now on the second floor (that you couldn’t reach without lvl 3 access). West room has a tablet placed next to a printer on a shelf on the west wall of that room.

Tablet Document 19

Last collectible I picked up is located in a level 3 security access room in the eastern part of the second floor. It is found on the floor among some scattered magazines and books.

Reward – English percussion flintlock pistols

Tablet Document final painting

After you collect all of the Tablet Documents, you will be rewarded with the Final Tablet Document entry. It is a painting depicting a wooden bridge with a church in a background and a big red X marking the spot where you need to dig for your treasure.

You are now minutes from finishing the main story of the game and you will be put into free roaming mode of the world afterwards. When you are in free roam go to Sleepy Hollow in River Valley. There is a church here and a bridge with wood cover. When you approach one of the graves in the second row from the stone wall, you will be able to dig and uncover your English percussion flintlock pistols. These are pretty strong pistols with 5 damage, 3 stun, and 5 range. This concludes the Tablet Documents story, congratulations on finishing the game and finding all Tablet Document collectibles.



  1. A

    The final tablet is not showing up in my files.

    1. N
      Nikolus Makyus

      You need to reopen it.

  2. M

    I got all the computers unhacked And the tableta taken. Now, how do i unlock the security room door?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      If you are asking how to access rooms with security camera icons in them – I don’t think you can. When you approach the end of the main storyline you will get level 3 access and be able to enter any of the rooms in Abstergo, except the ones with security camera icons.

    2. C

      The security rooms are not accessible in AC:R. They’re clearly labelled because they WERE accessible in Black Flag, and Ubisoft is a sucker for Easter Eggs (look at all the references to past games in AC:R; there’s pamphlets for Farcry 3 all over the second floor of Abstergo, Berg wears in the present day the same silver medallion Shay wore, and Shay kills Altaïr in the cinematic that plays if you don’t press start to access the main menu when you start the game, complete with inferior original Assassin’s Creed rendering).

      1. N

        Are you sure that was Altair? Looked more like Liam to me. Had the same environment as where you kill him as well.

      2. What I don’t get is why in the cinematic before you press start to get into the game Shay is wearing a hood with his Templar outfit where in game you don’t get the hood

        1. H

          It may be the Dark Assassin outfit.

        2. B

          Actually that is the assassin’s killer outfit

        1. P

          Or could be his former assasin self

      3. B

        Altaïr dies in a library

  3. B

    I wonder if anyone can help me, on this guide it says after sequence 3 you get called up to the 15th floor…well I have finished sequence 3 and 4 and still nothing I have about 9 or 10 of the tablets and cant get to the others without the security clearance any ideas whats happening?

  4. R

    “These are pretty strong pistols….”
    These aren’t just “pretty strong pistols” they’re the best pistols in the game.

  5. R
    Reuben R

    Thank you so much for this guide, I was missing two and was about to pull my hair out before I found this! Thanks for the awesome coverage on Rogue as a whole too ☺

    1. S
      sir derpsalot

      same here!

  6. Why I can’t find tablet document 04?

  7. S

    did anyone else get attacked by the headless horseman after getting this pistol? I could not kill him and the only way I could stop him was by hanging him with the rope darts.

    1. E
      Ezio Dorian

      Me too. Thanks for your advise

    2. J

      I found out if you shoot a pumpkin on a headstone by the church’s back corner, you’ll defeat the headless horseman. You’ll know the right pumpkin when you aim at it and it gets highlighted.

    3. T

      I did the first time I got the pistols, but I was never able to kill him. He never gave me time to climb anything, I just had to die, after wasting all my resources on him.

    4. G

      Thereally is a pumpkin on top of one the headstones by the church cemetery. Shoot that pumpkin and the headless man dies

      1. G

        Autocorrect is dumb

    5. Q

      He pops up at night around the church. Got the pistols in daylight and was fine. Shoot the pumpkins on the gravestone, hang him, or run away.

    6. Z

      Does the headless guy respawn?

  8. J

    While this is looking like a bug, my tablet count on the communicator reads 18/20, and I STILL got the final tablet document. However, upon visiting the marked gravesite, I am unable to dig up the pistols. Anybody know of a way to work around this?

      1. J
        john doe

        I know it’s a month late, but it happened to me too (It was even worse as I had all tablets but the count was only at 14/20), so for the sake of anyone reading this and to whom it’s happened too: for my part, my 6 missing tablets respawned on floor 2 Helix and I could eventually get the reward.=

    1. R

      try the walkthough

  9. R

    Anyone else think that it’s lame you can only get these after, basically, finishing the game?

  10. L

    Tablet 11 is misseable if you don’t go for it soon enough…. you literally only unlock it sequence 6, but if you finish the campaign then the room it’s in locks off… thanks alot Ubisoft, it’s bad enough I hate the modern day sequences as it is, now they almost all but require a guide to do properly.

    1. L

      sorry disregard my comment, upon renterting the animus and coming back out the door re-unlocked. Must be because it was my first time there since beating the game.

  11. F

    I found all the tablets and the final one showing a pisture of the location but the digging place doesn’t appear. Itried lots of times but still no dig place on the church area and yes, I am looking the exact place and yes, headless, undying axeman can be killed by shooting the pumpkin.

    1. R
      Ramon Barton

      Found all the tablets and repaired all the computers and got the painting but it won’t let me dig up the guns. I am looking in the right place. Any suggestions? Appreciate your help. Guns should have been available sooner I believe.

  12. G
    Gabriel Nova

    I’ve collected all the tables and saw the painting that doubles as a map. When i go to the site of the guns, no “dig” prompt comes in. I’ve placed myself in every possible spot in that graveyard. (i know its the second grave to the right from the stone wall) is this a bug?

  13. L

    do anyone know how do deafeat the dragon?please tell me and best way to kill him is to shoot his damn pumpking head isnt it?

    1. S
      sir derpsalot

      what the fuck kind of dope u on?

  14. M

    what City is the game based in when your over looking it on the abstergo building

    What city is it like is it settle or what?

    1. H
      Hubba Bubba

      It’s supposed to be Montreal. It’s the same modern day setting as Black Flag and the old CCO states where they are the first time you visit his office.

    2. D

      Its supposed to be Montréal. I’m from Montréal and it does look like it

  15. R

    Makes no scenes what so ever to make us wait for the best pistol in the game …. Don’t you think it would be a better idea to let the gamer open it up before finishing the game….I just unlocked it and I have nothing left to do …. Just saying …. Stupidest idea ever…

  16. A

    Was anyone else chased by a headless bomb soldier

  17. A

    I got all the tablets and the location to the gun but I can’t dig for it… I’m at the graveyard but nothing is happening when I walk around and look for the dig sight… plus the stupid headless bomb soldier comes back if I stay to long

  18. F

    I’m not sure if I got all the tablets, but is there not a way to go out of the animus once you’ve beaten the game so you can get them!?!?

    1. A

      You can leave the animus after you complete the game

  19. T

    None of the tablets are appearing food me. I babe finished the game and have only collected one during the story

  20. $

    Do you need the English percussion pistol to be attacked by the headless horseman?

  21. E

    Its not a fake thanks i got the rewards

  22. K

    Can you tell me if I’m able to get back into abstergo and get the rest of the tablets after completing the game on Assassin’s Creed Rogue because I don’t know how to do so and I don’t know if I have to replay a particular mission in order to get back into the abstergo animus. so please someone help me because I’m 5 tablets away from completing the game 100% and I have put in a lot of time doing so

    1. If you go to the menu where it says quit game and press it then it will ask if you want to go to the title or quit animus and press the quit animus option

  23. M

    thanks you help me to find my last 3 tablets. thanks to put the documents numbers for quick search

  24. T
    The confused

    It says I’ve unlocked 18/20 when I picked it up but when I go to my inventory it says I have all 20

    1. A

      Hey.are you still there?how can i check how many tablets i found?

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