AC Unity Bones of Contention - Murder Mystery Guide

Murder Mysteries are important side missions in Assassin’s Creed Unity because they grant you unique rewards upon resolving them. Bones of Contention is a Murder Mystery that starts in district called Halles, where you’ll come across a dirty sackcloth bag on a river bank.
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Upon completing this 2 star difficulty mission you will obtain Long weapon – L’etoile Polaire as a main reward. You can upgrade this weapon with additional 25% damage for 1 000 creed points. L’etoile Polaire is described in-game as: “This long type of mace is used mainly by cavalrymen“.

Shore – Clues (3/3)

Once you accept the Bones of Contention Murder Mystery the first clue will be collected. After talking with two nearby persons new locations on the map will be revealed to you.

  1. SHORE – Dirty sackcloth bag
  2. SHORE – Statement of the boatman
  3. SHORE – Statement of National Guardsman

Tavern – Clues (1/1)

Location of the Tavern is unveiled once you collect Shore – Statement of National Guardsman. Talk to Barkeep for the only clue in the Tavern.

  1. TAVERN – Statement of Barkeep

Bella’s House – (4/4)

Location of the Bella’s House is unveiled on the map once you collect Shore – Statement of the boatman clue. House is just a few blocks away from the Tavern. On the second floor of the house search for two clues, while the rest of the clues are on the third floor.

  1. BELLA’S HOUSE – Statement of Jamie MacArthur
  2. BELLA’S HOUSE – Statement of Bella
  3. BELLA’S HOUSE – Statement of old woman

Shop – Clues (2/2)

Once you collect Bella’s House – Statement of old woman clue a brand new location will appear on the map. Look for the shop very close to Bella’s House. You will find new clues in front of the shop and beneath Taverne sign.

  1. SHOP – Statement of the shopkeeper
  2. SHOP – List of errands

Butcher Shop – Clues (5/5)

Your next destination is a Butcher shop that can be found in a close vicinity of the previous location, inside a large market. Look for the next five clues around the Butcher shop.

  1. BUTCHER SHOP – Statement of the butcher
  2. BUTCHER SHOP – Small bag
  3. BUTCHER SHOP – Bloody bucket
  4. BUTCHER SHOP – Large sackcloth bag
  5. BUTCHER SHOP – Butcher’s block

Jamie’s House – Clues (2/2)

Once you collect the clue Bella’s House – Letter from Jamie, location of Jamie’s house will be unveiled on the map. Jamie’s house is close to the starting area. Last two clues are hidden on the third floor.

  1. JAMIE’S HOUSE – Crumpled letter
  2. JAMIE’S HOUSE – Letters from Bella

Accuse the Murderer

Get back to Bella’s House. Find and accuse Jamie MacArthur. Once you get teleported, talk to Chief de Police for maximum reward pool.
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