AC Unity Killed by Science - Murder Mystery Guide

Killed by Science is a 3 star difficulty side mission. This Murder Mystery is available only to those who purchased the Assassin’s Creed Unity Gold edition. The Mystery starts in the northwestern part of Paris, in the area called Vendome – Le Louvre. Upon resolving the Mystery you will obtain a Rifle Blunderbuss as the main prize. In order to solve the mission and gather all clues you have to visit 6 different locations scattered throughout the Paris.

Where to accept the Mystery?

The Mystery starts when you come across Alexandre Loissac’s dead body in eastern Vendome. The body is laying next to a stone stand with magnifying glass. When you approach the body you can accept and track the Murder Mystery.

Park – Clues (8/8)

Seven clues are in the close vicinity of the dead body, which is also a clue. Don’t forget to speak with 4 persons who are standing in each corner of the grassy rectangle area in order to get their statements.

  1. PARK – Man’s Body
  2. PARK – Personal letter
  3. PARK – Bouquet
  4. PARK – The Solar Cannon
  5. PARK – Statement of Arianne
  6. PARK – Statement of Gilbert Duchamps
  7. PARK – Statement of La Grouille
  8. PARK – Statement of Olympe

Clockmaker – Clues (1/1)

Once you collect the PARK – The Solar Cannon clue, the story takes you towards a new location. Clockmaker is the next person you should talk to, and you can find him near the starting area.

  1. CLOCKMAKER – Statement of Robert Rousseau

Laboratory – Clues (6/6)

Laboratory is just above the Robert Rousseau. There are six clues to be found here. None of them are statements.

  1. LABORATORY – Scientific apparatus
  2. LABORATORY – Competition handbill
  3. LABORATORY – Vials (Found in front of the barrels)
  4. LABORATORY – Barrels
  5. LABORATORY – Laboratory notes
  6. LABORATORY – Cracked window

Cafe Fevrier – Clues (4/4)

This area becomes active once you collect the Statement of Olympe clue. Cafe Fevrier is also near Alexandre Loissac’s dead body. You have to interrogate three persons and collect one item from a wooden chest.

  1. CAFE FEVRIER – Statement of cafe customer
  2. CAFE FEVRIER – Statement of cafe server
  3. CAFE FEVRIER – Statement of Sergeant Saint-Bris
  4. CAFE FEVRIER – Box of cartridges

Victim’s House (4/4)

After collecting the clue PARK – Personal letter, you will unlock a new location – Victim’s house in the area called Tuileries Le Louvre. Four clues in a form of letters can be found on the table on the second floor. Victim’s House is just south of the place where the Mystery started.

  1. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Letter from victim’s friend
  2. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Competition handbill
  3. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Threatening letter
  4. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Letter from victim’s father

Academy – Clues (4/4)

After collecting the clue VICTIM’S HOUSE – Competition handbill, head across the river towards Faubourg Saint-Germain – Le Quartier Latin and look for Academy. Talk to three persons and look for a document. In order to collect the last two clues you have to acquire 2 statements first.

  1. ACADEMY – Statement of Frolois’s Secretary
  2. ACADEMY – Statement of Colonel Ludre de Frolois
  3. ACADEMY – Statement of Citizen-Prefect Jugnot
  4. ACADEMY – List of competitors

Accuse the Murderer

The murderer can be found at Academy. His name is Colonel Charles Ludre De Frolois. Once you accuse him you can collect 500 Lires and the Rifle from Lapparent.
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  1. B

    The 6th location is above the clockmaker… yw 🙂

    1. K

      I’m above the clockmaker and there’s still no 6th location. Using eagle vision, running up and down seeing I’ve missed anything but I haven’t. It’s still not showing up :/

    2. K

      I still can’t find that last location. I’m above the clockmaker on the roof, using eagle vision, looking through all of the clues and I’m yet to find the location. I think it’s bugged because I’ve got 5/6 locations, found all the clues for 5 locations and yet it’s still not shown on the map as a magnifying glass.

    3. K

      Ah, found it! It’s through the window into the Lab!

  2. A

    Wait…. so who did it?

  3. P

    The Solution is: Colonel Charles Ludre De Frolois from the Science Academy

    1. Cheers. Thank you for the solution.

  4. L

    do we have to progress to a certain part in the story to do this? I pre ordered the collectors edition, have installed both the chemical revolution (which I just completed) and killed by science but when I go to the statue where the body should be there isn’t one.

    1. I actually got this one right after the first one – Murder Foretold. Have you completed this one?

      1. L

        Thanks Lokesh! I didn’t realize there was a series of those murder mysteries! Thanks for the help!!

        1. Hehe, no a problem at all.

  5. I

    Do we need to explore all locations before accusing someone? Or can we accuse someone once we found them?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You can accuse them right away but you get less reward money if you do not find all clues and locations.

  6. T

    oh my gosh dude you have helped me so much throughout this game, espedi ally the riddles, kudos for doing all the ground work then posting it, thank you

  7. R

    How were we ever supposed to find that lab without it getting marked on the map? Furthermore, how does it show that the Colonel is the guilty one? I can see how its narrowed down to all who is on the list for the science contest-plus perhaps a jealous gf. But that GF (Pauline) isn’t available. So you narrow it down to the ex-military guys that walk with a limp-unless the inventor was framing them- I suppose that you pick the colonel because he has the ballistics and science background. But another guy who is not in here is Gaspard Monge, who’s book was in the lab, and was a contestant. No motive was ever given about him, but also the same for the colonel, because he won’t speak with you. Were choosing the colonel because he’s ex-military, a cripple, has the background, and is a dick and won’t talk.

    1. S

      Right? I was wondering too! I totally thought they should have done Pauline as sort of a twist cause it really has nothing to do with the competition.

  8. M

    i say the same about this plot line conviction. im not artillery expert but like any kind of projectile weapon (even for back then) not two pieces of equipment were the same. the fact that the seargent fails to mention anything discussed about the cannon doesnt help and is pretty inaccurate. it would make it infinite more sense that the clockmaker was responsible because he alone would have had supreme knowledge of the use and control of it. not to mention most to gain also being a member of the contest with the colonel and the lab worker discredited. smells like someone has a beef with ex-military rejoining life after service. either that or just piss-poor plot writing

    1. A

      Pay attention to the position the cannon is facing in this case. You’ll notice it is facing toward the clock maker’s laboratory. Why would the clock maker try and destroy his own equipment? The only other suspect with a cane is the colonel, who, if you paid attention to the case, is also an accomplished chemist. The colonel knew what the combination of potassium and water would do. He knew that there was a convenient flask of potassium sitting dangerously close to a bunch of water barrels. He was trying to use this to destroy the clock maker’s equipment and take him out of the competition. Unfortunately, there was an innocent bystander meeting up with a “friend” at the same time the cannon would be fired. The plot of the victim is there to try and throw you off of what actually happened.

  9. G

    I completed this mission (I believe) ages ago. I just went back in to get 100% and this mission is completely greyed out, no body, and uplay says ‘good to go!’ Am I glitches out of my 100%?

  10. C
    Christopher Ray Otwell

    Just a side note to any completionists out there; the Competition Handbill when found at the laboratory is added to the database as VICTIM’S HOUSE- Competition Handbill, the same as when you find it at the actual Victim’s House. So if you’re counting entries to make sure you didn’t miss anything, don’t worry if there is no LABORATORY- Competition Handbill. (had to add this for all the OCD’ers out there, since Murder Mysteries aren’t replayable)

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