Assassin's Creed Unity Gemini Nostradamus Enigma guide

Gemini Nostradamus Enigma was the last enigma I solved in Assassin’s Creed Unity. It was the hardest one to solve by myself and I must admit I resorted to finding the solution to the second riddle from people on youtube that solved it.
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I am not sure if the location of the second riddle’s solution is added to the in-game database by going through the main story or what, but I just couldn’t connect the dots. First and the third riddle were much easier to solve though. You can start this enigma in Saint-Marcel district of La Bièvre zone.

Gemini Nostradamus Enigma

Gemini Enigma Starting Location

Here’s a quick video recap of Gemini riddle solutions, but do continue bellow if you want a textual version with screenshots:

1st Gemini Riddle Solution

At the edge of the capital
In the shadow of the wall
The swamp of sorrows
Burns the outcast’s fire.

Considering that first riddle solutions are usually found close to the beginning of the mission I assumed that the solution can be found in a swampy area around the building I was on. After some scouting (and getting rid of patrolling enemies) I found the solution on the ground a bit northeast of the starting location.

2nd Gemini Riddle Solution

Where the dead rest,
Stone eyes watch.
Vigilant guardians,
In death as in life.

I spent good two hours researching this riddle. Didn’t help. I thought I was looking for a graveyard, but there were no landmarks near that talked about a particular graveyard. In the end I found out on a youtube video that I am supposed to be looking for a fountain next to a big palace-like building north of the previous riddle’s solution. No way I could have put that together. Maybe I should progress through the main story mission more to get the reference? In any case, here are the screenshots to help you solve the second Gemini riddle.

3rd Gemini Riddle Solution

In the fetid muck
Where the dark stream meets
Her flowing mother
You will find your goal
At the foot of the old tower.

I immediately thought of two rivers meeting. Looking at map I managed to see that Bièvre goes into Sienne and decided to look for an old tower there. As I was approaching the spot I saw a small tower on the corner and found the solution to the third and final Gemini riddle.

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  1. C

    This one was a pain. I went to the church that was near the first clue (it has a graveyard), and if you climb to the roof it has the sound as though there was an enigma there. Thanks to your guide, now I can give up on the flipping church and move on

    1. M

      Ironically, the 1st and third were the hardest for me. I must’ve missed the jingling of the first one and hunted around for it all the way to the hospital and noticed all the statues. Then I pulled up the guide, found the first one and knew right where to look when it said “stone eyes”.

  2. S

    Could someone please tell me how I can watch a play in the Café theatre? I need it to complete my ‘trophyhunt’…

    1. F

      Just enter the cafe and go to where the coffe is made and arno should automatically start drinking coffe. Just leave him there until you get the achievment/trophy should take about 5 min

  3. K

    Really wondering about that second one. I would never have found it on my own. That “palace” looks like a religious building, and the style is renaissance-era. A former bishopric? In any case, it’s no longer there.

  4. L

    In one of the co-op missions they make mention about how hospitals are not as we know them today, and that you were more likely to die in one than actually be helped. Even with this bit of tidbid of knowledge, I wouldn’t have figured this out – thanks!

  5. N
    Nikki smith

    THE SECOND RIDDLE WAS HARD I CAN’T MEMBER EVERY LITTLE LOCATION I SEE. How am I suppose to remember a random hospital with a small graveyard that’s isn’t even a landmark. And what does the fountain have to do with the riddle I understand there’s statues with stone eyes staring at the fountain but there not even in the cemetery area its way on the otherside of the building. Some of these riddles are ridiculous and some are great and actually solvable.

  6. S

    Thank u so much for helping me to solve the riddles so I could retreave the armor so once again thanke u bro

  7. B

    Cheers bro, very good.

  8. P

    This riddle was one of the hardest for me. I found the second clue by accident when doing the enrages co-op and the third one doesn’t make sense. How can you think of two rivers coming together. I was thinking about the smoke coming from all the chimnies and thought the direction it was blowing towards would point me to a tower. So i went to the pantheon. Oh well, whatever.

  9. M
    Molly Cornelius

    Took a little tour around the hospital (which I located with your help after poking all over the small churchyard). There is in fact a bigger graveyard on the hospital grounds, so at least that feels just. How we were supposed to make the leap to the fountain though… I don’t know. And I never did find the vigilant stone eyes.

  10. A

    stupid riddle.

  11. A
    assassins creed dead polmerc with a mouth yo!!

    thanks,really helpful,now I only need to solve 7 more riddles to get Thomas de carmellios suit

  12. G

    For the second riddle solution, the “palace” you mention is a hospital: the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. I guess those places are a bit easier to recognize when you live in Paris 😉
    Thanks for your Enigma Guide!

    1. L

      Hey, that is cheating 😀

  13. B

    Thank you so much for making all of these.

  14. L

    The 2nd riddle is a reference to a murder mystery in game… I think…

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