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Pisces Nostradamus Enigma is the only enigma in Assassin’s Creed Unity with five riddles for you to solve. Luckily, all of these are related to the Panthéon so you didn’t have to go search far and wide.
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Nice thing is that you will explore this amazing building in detail in order to find all solutions. Be careful while doing so because there are lots of soldiers patrolling the building. Pisces is a five star difficulty enigma that starts in Saint-Jacques district of La Bièvre zone.

Pisces Enigma Starting Location

1st Pisces Riddle Solution

On the hill of St. Genevieve,
I have a Roman face.
Clarion angels glide to
A peak on my North side.

“Hill of St. Genevieve” is Montagne Sainte-Geneviève and it houses the Panthéon. It is a couple of blocks south of the starting point of this enigma. As I started climbing the Panthéon I heard the chime of the rune nearby. North face of the building has a relief of two angels, behind which is the solution to the first riddle of Pisces Enigma.

2nd Riddle Solution

Like a halo you seek,
Rings within rings
High atop the edifice,
The city lies below.

I would have been lost in solving this riddle if I wasn’t standing on top of the Panthéon looking directly at its dome. Rings within rings fit the description perfectly. I started climbing to the top of the dome, but found nothing. As I was circling the dome structure I heard the rune in the base of the dome, behind the supporting pillars.

3rd Riddle Solution

Pillars support my face,
Hold the nation’s dreams.
Square, not round, they,
Sit out of sight.

Considering that the previous two riddles were solved on the Pantheon I decided to look for the solution to the third riddle here as well. Going around the building (both topside and ground level) I saw a bunch of square pillars on the east side of the building. That is where I found the solution as well.

4th Pisces Riddle Solution

My purpose changed,
I watch; high in the nave.
As secular heroes enter,
To replace those of heaven.

Nave is the central part of the church. I thought that I should look high up on top of the Pantheon. Only then did I discover that you can actually enter the building. There is a hidden entrance on top of the building, but you can approach it from the west and enter properly. Be careful of patrolling soldiers there. Solution to the fourth riddle is found higher up on the ceiling, bellow a beautiful fresco.

5th Pisces Riddle Solution

The remains of fame,
Lie amidst stale air.
The most famous of all,
The tomb of Voltaire.

Tomb of Voltaire and other famous Frenchmen is under the Pantheon. You will have to find an underground entrance and avoid (or dispose of) several guards while you are looking for the solution to the fifth and final Pisces riddle.

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  1. K

    Five riddles in the same building was probably a little much… and the last one is difficult only in that there are so many guards to evade. Still, cool set.

  2. K

    I did all five i got to the last one in the tomb the symbol shows but it not completing. is this a glitz and how do i solve it. I waited a day and went threw it again and still wont complete.

  3. S

    I found all but the last 1 its not there i went thru every place in the building and nothen

  4. S

    Wait ignore the last comment i sent i found it

  5. Z

    Thank you,very helpful guide. Found them all 🙂

  6. J

    Awesome! Thanks man

    1. M

      Is the final one behind the level 3 locked door? ?

  7. M

    I cannot for the love of God interact with the 2nd enigma… do you know what’s going on here?

  8. P

    Holy hell, that last one was a complete bitch… I went through it at least seven or eight times because I kept being seen by one of the guards. I finally got it after the fifth try of using cherry bombs and smoke bombs to kill the guards. (I am currently a very low level assassin.) I have thing for getting shit like this done first. I did this in ACII with the glyphs as well.

  9. K

    Tnx budd you really helped me

  10. E

    Thanks for posting all of the answers for these riddles here. These range from incredibly impossible to solve – incredibly simple. Most of them are fun to do myself but you help me get them all thanks

    1. C

      i agree, and you explain how you figured them out which is fun, THANKYOU

  11. B

    When I go to the rune I cannot interact with it? What’s going on? Am I not allowed to kill everyone

  12. P

    I found that when you see a rune you cant interact with – it is because you have them in the wrong order – there will be a different one you need to get first

  13. (
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    He has them in the wrong order

  14. A

    When looking for the last riddle underground, I suggest using the ‘fury darts’ (i don’t know the english name sorry) on the first two guards you see, then hiding very well… Thanks for making this guide!!

  15. J
    Jessica Stone

    I know I’m a little late to the game but I’m not able in interact with any if the symbols except the first one.

    1. K
      Kurtis Hammersteadt

      Did you ever figure out how to react with the last ruin? It won’t let me either.

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