Assassin's Creed Unity Hot Chocolate to Die For Murder Mystery Guide

Hot Chocolate to Die For is a Murder Mystery side mission in AC: Unity that is found in Marais district. You can start the Mystery once you investigate the body found at the center of a small garden.
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This is a 3/5 difficulty mission. Main reward is a One-Handed sword called Heavy Hilted Sword. You also get 500 Livre if you gather all clues. You can also upgrade the sword with twenty five percent additional damage upgrade that costs 500 creed points. In-game sword description says: This sword’s handguard provides extra protection allowing the wielder to take greater risks in battle.

Garden – Clues (5/5)

All five clues can be found near the dead body. There is a pattern in this murder mystery that applies to all other clue areas. They all have clues close to each other.

  1. GARDEN – Women’s body
  2. GARDEN – Overturned cup
  3. GARDEN – Statement of Amelie Monvoisin
  4. GARDEN – Flower garden
  5. GARDEN – Ring

Kitchen – Clues (3/3)

Go inside the nearby house. On its ground floor is the kitchen. Three clues are found close to each other.

  1. KITCHEN – Kitchen supplies
  2. KITCHEN – Statement of the Maid
  3. KITCHEN – Mortar and pestle

Dining Room – Clues (5/5)

If you climb to the second floor, above the kitchen, from the garden area, you enter straight into the dining room. Three clues can be found on a long table, while two statements are gathered from two nearby people.

  1. DINING ROOM – Silver pot
  2. DINING ROOM – Snuffbox
  3. DINING ROOM – Letter to Pierre
  4. DINING ROOM – Statement of Pierre Duclos
  5. DINING ROOM – Statement of Georges Villiers-Segonac

Study – Clues (4/4)

On the same floor where the dining room is located, but on the other side of the house, is the Study area.

  1. STUDY – Crumpled letter
  2. STUDY – Book: Paris Society
  3. STUDY – Commonplace book
  4. STUDY – Documents

Terrace – (1/1)

Terrace is on the last floor of the building. There is only one person left to talk to for the last clue.

  1. TERRACE – Statement of Lucille Tuchet

Accuse the Murderer

They say that you can usually find a suspect near the crime scene and that’s the case in this murder mystery as well. Get back to the garden and accuse the only person there – Amelie Montvoisin for full rewards.
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