Assassin's Creed Unity Jupiter Nostradamus Enigma guide

Jupiter Nostradamus Enigma is acquired in the Saint-Thomas-d-‘Aquin district of Invalides zone in Assassin’s Creed Unity. This is a two star difficulty enigma mission.
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It is located on top of a house, just east of Palais Bourbon which is both a fast travel/viewpoint and historical landmark location.

AC Unity Jupiter Nostradamus Enigma
Jupiter Enigma starts on top of this building.

Jupiter Enigma Starting Location

1st Jupiter Riddle Solution

On the palace where,
Bourbon’s daughter lived.
The assembly meets on,
A bridge facing South.

This riddle was rather easy to solve, considering that I came from Palais Bourbon viewpoint. “A bridge facing South” part of the riddle kind of reveled the location of the solution. It is on southern part of Palais Bourbon, top floor, on a side of a wall fence, above a wooden bench.

AC Unity Jupiter Nostradamus Enigma Palais Bourbon
Palais Bourbon is across of where you started the enigma mission.

2nd Riddle Solution

Rich and poor face,
The wheel of time.
Travel South to cross,
The water of River Styx.

Third and fourth verses give more specific clues about finding the solution to the second Jupiter riddle. This is fortunate because the first two verses didn’t give me too much hope of solving this one quickly. My first hunch was to search for a river or a short stream. Southwest from Palais Bourbon I was lucky enough to find one. Following this river I came across a carriage wreckage with a dead body next to it. I was sure that I am on the right track, as the River Styx is known in Greek Mythology as a connection between Earth and the Hades (underworld). Moving further ahead I stumbled across a small mill wheel. This is where the solution to the second riddle is located – next to the mill wheel, on a stone structure.
AC Unity Jupiter Nostradamus Enigma River Styx
“The water of River Styx.”

Final Riddle Solution

Across the wall,
On the other side.
Souls cross the bridge,
To Southlands beyond.

Once again the last two sentences had more meaning. I went south following the river. This meant I had to find a way around the giant stone wall. Once I got around it the first larger bridge was my final location. Jump on it and search for the solution to the final riddle of Jupiter Enigma.
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  1. I

    Great guides!! Love the fact that you actually explain how you solved the riddles.

  2. N

    When i try to activate the last riddle on the bridge nothing happens. i cant complete the riddle. I’m on Xbox one and the “B button” option disappears. i have restarted twice and it still happens.

    1. F

      Wow. same here

    2. T

      I cant interact with the one next to the mill (2nd)

    3. U

      You have indeed completed the first and second riddles, correct? I had this same problem earlier until I realized I hadn’t exited it off the screen when I received the current clue.

  3. A

    Thank you very very much

  4. E

    Help! I’ve completed all the riddles for the Jupiter enigma, but for some reason it still comes up on my map as incomplete.. I’ve gone to my armory room and even though I’ve completed all the enigmas it says I’ve only completed 17.

    1. C

      Same here, I play in my PS 4 and have completed all the enigmas but it didn’t change as completed on map for Jupiter. At first I thought I can replay the Jupiter’s riddle but when I came to the first riddle, it cannot be played as it is already completed. Please help anyone who has the same situation but manage to overcome the problem..

  5. D

    You Made these enigmas such a breeze with this guide

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    Ten Past Seven


  7. C
    Carson C

    I’ve completed all of the riddles except Jupiter and when I go to the first riddle it doesn’t flow on eagle vision and won’t let me start the riddle as it acts like I already did the mission, but on the map on the fragment icon says “0/1” as if it’s incomplete

    1. C
      corey Robertson

      Same problem… thought a restart would work but well nothing

      1. E

        That’s because Jupiter completes the zone to the west called Invalides and Taurus completes Le Quartier Latin the starting points are in different districts than the ones they complete

  8. N

    love your guide! the explanation to the riddle makes sense and make it more fun

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