AC Unity Le Roi est Mort walkthrough Sequence 4 - Memory 2

Before you start this memory, make sure you have some phantom blades ammo left, since at the very end of the mission you have a side objective: kill 2 guards with phantom blades.After the info La Touche has given you, head to the main story waypoint to trigger the next memory.
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Le Roi est Mort, translated from french, The King is Dead. Complete video walkthrough:

At the start, you receive several objectives: Distraction opportunity, Sabotage the chimneys and 3 Air assassinations as a side objective. The chimneys are marked orange on the map and they’re usually not heavily guarded. Climb the rooftops and position yourself for some air assassinations, find a area where, once you approach, beggars will start fighting the Templar thugs. Aid them in their fight as it will help you, since there will be less guards in the sewers an the area as well. Sabotage the chimneys, there should be less guards in the courtyard now.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-4-Memory-2-Le-Roi-Est-Mort-Help-Beggars Image
Help beggars by air assassinating one of the Templar thugs and help kill the rest.
Once you’ve done both objectives, you’ll receive a new one to find the hideout. Keep going by the rooftops, towards the waypoint. When you come near the entrance, 2 guards will come out of the sewers. You can air assassinate one and take down the other after, more guards might come to aid them, but nothing you can’t manage.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-4-Memory-2-Le-Roi-Est-Mort-Sewer-Entrance Image
Sewer entrance, two guards come out here.
Go inside the sewer entrance. Your new objective is to find la Roi des Thunes. As you go through the sewers, try to distract the guards and kill as many as possible from stealth, before engaging hand-to-hand, or rather sword-to-sword combat. Keep using Eagle Vision from time to time, as the sewer visibility is very low. The route is straightforward. Keep following it, until you reach a dome-like room on the map in the center. This is where you’ll find le Roi des Thunes.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-4-Memory-2-Le-Roi-Est-Mort-Le-Roi-de-Thunes Image
Climb here to reveal le Roi des Thunes.
Once you’re close to the room, a cutscene triggers with a new objective, to assassinate le Roi des Thunes. The room is filled with guards, try to kill as many as you can from stealth. There are guards with guns / rifles and they can cause you some trouble here. Climb the ladder on the outer circle of the room, to the south of the room. Once you’re on top, look to the right, you’ll have a free run course set up for you. Use it and you can get to la Roi des Thunes and kill him.

After you’ve killed him, you need to escape the area. Optional objective: 2 phantom blade kills, which is why you need the ammo for it, unless you want to wait 5 minutes for 1 ammo to restock. The sewer is now filled with smoke, since you sabotaged the chimneys from before, so killing 2 guards with phantom blades is not as difficult. Once you’ve escaped, you’ve finished Memory 2 – Le Roi est Mort.



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    Right after the cut scene that tells you to assassinate him, my game has a bug. When I slide into the room where the doctor guy is, he glitches half way into the floor, my character is then unable to kill him and also begins to slow down drasticly. When I try to reload the last checkpoint or quit the mission, the loading screen will last hours. I have to leave the game and start it back up. This happens every time and leaves me unable to continue the game. I play on the Xbox one. I cant find a way to fix the damn bug.

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