AC Unity The Silversmith walkthrough Sequence 5 Memory 1

After you’ve finished Memory 2 of Sequence 4, go to the Council to report. Once the cutscene is over, you’ll have the next memory marker to trigger The Silversmith memory of the main storyline.
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Your objective is to find Germain. Here’s a complete video walkthrough:

He’s in a heavily guarded room on the first floor. Side objectives include: Lockpick 4 doors, 2 Brutes driven berserk. If you want to do the side objectives, complete them before you enter the room where Germain is.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-1-The-Silversmith-Germain-Location Image
Germain’s location.
Enter the house from the opposite side of your starting position. Germain is in a northern room, close to the center of the first floor. Circle around the rooftops and care for any patrolling guards. Enter through one of the opened windows on the first floor and get rid of any guards along the way.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-1-The-Silversmith-Enter-The-Building Image
This window entrance is directly next to Germain’s room.
If you want to do the side objectives, don’t go directly to his door, but rather go through all of the rooms and picklock the doors as well as berserk the guards. Once you’ve done the side objectives, head to Germain.

After the cutscene, you need to escort Germain out of the compound. Try to take down as many guards as you can in stealth before engaging combat. On the first floor, before you descend to ground level there aren’t that many guards.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-1-The-Silversmith-First-Floor-Guards Image
Guards on the first floor.
It’s when you go downstairs that things get a little more complicated. There are two rooms that may cause you some trouble. The first room is located as soon as you get downstairs and second one a bit later, closest to the exit. Wait for the guards to patrol away from each other, so you can take 1-2 guards quickly before engaging the rest.

After you’ve taken care of them, there will be 2 more snipers outside on balconies across the street. Climb up to the balconies and assassinate them. Once you’ve finished them off, rush back to Germain as he’s attacked by more guards.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-1-The-Silversmith-Snipers Image
Two snipers across the street.
Take them down and follow Germain without any combat, until you reach the waypoint. This is the end of memory The Silversmith.