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Libra Nostradamus Enigma is acquired in the Tuileries district of Le Louvre zone in Assassin’s Creed Unity. It is on top of one of the buildings looking at Tuileries Garden.
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This garden is located between two in-game landmarks Palais des Tuileries on one side and Place de la Revolution / Concord / Louis XV on the other side. This is a 4/5 difficulty side mission and solving it was no easy task. I had to use in-game database descriptions of various historical landmarks to solve some of the riddles, so I recommend you visit all the nearby landmarks anmd unllock their database entries before attempting to find solutions.

AC Unity Nostradamus Enigma

1st Libra Riddle Solution

Palace once divided, united by the fourth Henry.
Stone Couples salute their doomed King
For his final walk along the trees,
King once united, divided by People’s will.

If you read the in-game database description of a nearby Palais des Tuileries landmark you’ll find out that this palace was united with Henry IV’s palace Louvre. This solves the first part of the riddle. From the starting location you can also notice two pairs of stone statues above the entrance to the palace. This seemed like a good place to look for the first riddle’s solution. “Along the trees”, on the edges of a large park there are huge lines of trees. Since all clues seemed to fit in climbing Palais des Tuileries looked like a good choice. Climb the stone pillars that hold two pairs of statues and you’ll find the solution to the first Libra riddle.

AC Unity Libra Nostradamus Enigma First Riddle Solution
From the starting area you can spot where the solution to the first riddle is at.

2nd Riddle Solution

Last Ray from the Sun
He lost a son and parted from another.
Cobblers, soldiers, statesmen and whoresons,
Cheer the window’s close, blotting out the sun.

This riddle was a bit tricky to solve at first. After the second verse: “He lost a son and parted from another.”, I could safely assume that the riddle is about a person, which in some way is connected with the sun, so it could be Louis XIV or one of his descendants. Cobblers, soldiers, statesmen and whoresons represent a variety of people, which means it’s a location that’s publicly accessible. These people cheer as the window’s close, blotting out the sun, meaning they’re cheering at an event that is destroying (blotting out) something. Connecting a public place with a variety of people, cheering at something bad happening during the French revolution wasn’t too difficult. The only possible explanation would be public executions. I simply connected the dots using wikipedia, that pointed me to Place de la Revolution, as the most famous place where people gathered for executions in Paris (and where Sun King’s descendant, Louis XVI was executed).
AC Unity Libra Nostradamus Enigma Second Riddle Solution
The second riddle solution.

3rd Libra Riddle Solution

The Magdalen looks towards Death
And watches the precession, unblinking,
And thus unmoved, she keeps her back
Toward the Interment of her King.

The final riddle was probably the most easiest to solve. In the first verse the name Magdalen (fr. La Madeleine) is mentioned. English translation is Mary Magdalene, thought of as the second-most important woman in the New Testament after Mary. Each verse describes her actions and as there is only one church in Paris that was named after her it seemed as a decent choice to pay a visit to La Madeleine. I checked around the church, but to no avail. Only after I visited the mausoleum, I found the solution too the third and final Liobra riddle. It is north of where La Madeleine is located.
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  1. P

    For the third clue, “interment of her king” is probably a more vital line. King probably refers to Louis XVI and internment is where he’s buried.

  2. K

    This series is easy to solve if you see it has a “theme” – Louis XVIth’ death. “King once united, divided by People’s will” is clearly him, divided in a very direct sense. Since he was held in the Tuileries during the early part of the Revolution and then executed in from of it on the Place de la Révolution, it has to be the Tuileries.

    The second clue follows suit – “Last Ray from the Sun” is him again (though it’s a bit of a stretch as two more French kings directly descended from Louis XIVth would rule), and the “window closing” is the guillautine. So it’s Place de la Révolution.

    The last one is guessable by the “madeleine” name (a church of that name is still there, though it’s radically different from the one in-game) and the fact that it looks out on that Place de la Révolution again.

    Neat trio of clues there.

  3. J

    First and foremost I wanna say, this was the final one for me and I’m finally done. Thank you so much for all 18 of these, it would have taken me forever! I did however figure a few solutions out myself by making myself not look, but eventually gave up when it came to trying to figure out a who piece. Again, thank you.


    I like the line of soldiers chasing you in the photo of the second solution of this piece. lmao!

  4. B

    Like K said the theme is Louis 14th, to help clarify the second riddle it is a… unmentioned fact (in the game) that Louis the 14th was commonly called “the Sun King” and of course was the last of his line. The cobblers, soldiers etc were types of people you would find in the revolutionary mob. Finally when you look at a guillotine the eye of it, combined with the blade itself can be considered a type of window that opens and closes.

  5. T

    i enjoy word play but riddles often stump me. thank you for all your work on this game. most appreciated!

  6. B

    Two things…

    “Most easiest”? Really?? The reason I am reading your guide as opposed to the 100 others is twofold; you guide versus giving away the answers, and because you write well with appropriate attention paid to details like grammar and sentence structure. But missy easiest? I expect better from you! LMAO

    Also, Mary Magdalene is FAR more important than Mary the mother in the New Testament. In the nostic gospels Mary Magdalene is Jesus’ closest and most intimate friend/companion (and possibly wife if you believe Dan Brown). Plus, Mary Magdalene was at the crucifixion, along with Mary (the mother) and James (the brother). Also, Mary Magdalene was the one who went to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body on Easter Sunday, which is a task only performed by a wife. Jesus also chose to appear to Mary Magdalene before anyone else upon his return. Lastly, in the turmoil following the death of their Lord, all four gospels say that Mary Magdalene was the one that kept the 12 Apostles together.

    Love your guide!

  7. J
    Jonathan Piper

    Thankyou sooooo much for making this assassin journey, do much faster and easier!!
    I have no patience at all and would have smashed my console to bits !!! So thankyou once more!! Great tips

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