The Death of Philibert Aspairt – Murder Mystery Guide

The Death of Philibert Aspairt is a Murder Mystery in Assassin’s Creed Unity, that starts in Saint-Lambert district. In order to reach the location where the mystery starts you have to enter the Catacombes through the underground passage, but first you have to find the entrance.
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Inside the catacomb investigate a death body next to the campfire. Upon resolving this mystery you’ll obtain a heavy weapon – Flamberge and 2,500 Livres additionally. In order to upgrade this weapon with additional 25% damage you have to spend 1,000 creed points. Flamberge is described in game as: “This Germanic sword allows for great maneuverability and brutal striking power”.

Starting location for The Death of Philibert Aspairt Mystery

Catacombs – Clues (6/6)

For the first time all six clues are scattered around the dead body, and you don’t need to take statements from anybody.

  1. CATACOMBS – Worn Shovel
  2. CATACOMBS – Old Satchel
  3. CATACOMBS – Bible
  4. CATACOMBS – Set of keys
  5. CATACOMBS – Loose beads
  6. CATACOMBS – Crate of Chartreuse

Convent – Clues (4/4)

After collecting Bible clue in Catacombs, the Mystery will unlock a brand new location – Convent. All clues found on this location are in front of a huge church.

  1. CONVENT – Statement of the nun
  2. CONVENT – Stack of Bibles
  3. CONVENT – The Blood of Christ
  4. CONVENT – Bottles of Chartreuse

Graveyard – Clues (5/5)

Location of the Graveyard is shown on the map once you collect the clue Convent – Statement of the nun. The Graveyard is behind the church, but be careful because a group of enemies are positioned close to the graveyard.

  1. GRAVEYARD – Statement of the gravedigger
  2. GRAVEYARD – Shovel
  3. GRAVEYARD – Small wooden cross (Interact with the grave)
  4. GRAVEYARD – Half buried coffin (Same location as the previous one)
  5. GRAVEYARD – Worn Bible

Tavern – Clues (6/6)

Catacombs – Crate of Chartreuse clue unveils Tavern location on the map, which is next to the main square. Collect 4 statements and 2 additional clues.

  1. TAVERN – Statement of Antoine Danis
  2. TAVERN – Statement of Navarre Cavery
  3. TAVERN – Statement of Catherine Doyere
  4. TAVERN – Statement of the barkeep
  5. TAVERN – Bottles of wine and liquor
  6. TAVERN – Bottles of Chartreuse

Merchant Stall – Clues (3/3)

The next location – Merchant Stall is unveiled on the map once you collect the clue Catacombs – Worn shovel. Merchant Stall is just a few steps away from the Tavern.

  1. MERCHANT STALL – Supplies
  2. MERCHANT STALL – Statement of the merchant
  3. MERCHANT STALL – New shovels

Apothecary Stand – Clues (1/1)

Location of the Apothecary Stand appears on the map after collecting the clue Catacombs – Old satchel. Apothecary Stand is located across from the Tavern, at the square. You can collect only one statement there.

  1. APOTHECARY STAND – Statement of the apothecary

Find the Murderer

Once you collect all the clues head back to the Convent. Accuse Sister Sorel for the murder and collect the main reward from Lapparent.