AC Unity Ancestral Vengeance Murder Mystery Guide

Ancestral Vengeance is a two star difficulty Murder Mystery in Assassin’s Creed Unity. This Mystery starts in the central part of Ile de la Cite area.
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Upon entering Paul Teragon’s house (this location is marked on our second screenshot below this text) investigate his body and start the mystery. After collecting all clues and accusing the correct suspect you’ll obtain the main reward – Long weapon Cogneur. You can upgrade this weapon for 500 creed points and get 25% additional damage. Cogneur is described in-game as: “A long pole arm with a blunt metal tip, the cogneur is well-suited to knocking enemies about“.

Teragon’s House – Clues (8/8)

Inside Teragon’s House you will find 4 clues on the ground floor, while for the rest of them you have to climb up onto the second floor.

  1. TERAGON’S HOUSE – Dead Body
  2. TERAGON’S HOUSE – Statement of Madame Teragon
  3. TERAGON’S HOUSE – Partially burned letter
  4. TERAGON’S HOUSE – Bloody symbol
  5. TERAGON’S HOUSE – Torture devices
  6. TERAGON’S HOUSE – A book: History of France, volume 4
  7. TERAGON’S HOUSE – A book: Almanac: Ile de la Cite – XII
  8. TERAGON’S HOUSE – Newspaper

Grimany’s House – Clues (4/4)

Grimany’s House map location becomes unveiled once you collect all the clues inside Teragon’s House. This new location is to the west of Teragon’s House. All necessary clues required to complete this step can be found on the second floor of the house. Investigating the dead body in Grimany’s House is crucial for the last task, because it will give you a Mysterious Key needed for opening the doors to the last Mystery area.

  1. GRIMANY’S HOUSE – Torture devices
  2. GRIMANY’S HOUSE – Letter from Teragon
  3. GRIMANY’S HOUSE – Dead Body
  4. GRIMANY’S HOUSE – Bloody symbol (On a wall, next to the bed with the dead body on.)

De Prasi’s House – Clues (4/4)

De Prasi’s House map location becomes unveiled once you collect Teragon’s House – Partially burned letter. De Prasi’s House is located east of Teragon’s House. Climb up onto the second floor to start following the clues.

  1. DE PRASI’S HOUSE – Statement of Victor de Prasi
  2. DE PRASI’S HOUSE – Torture devices
  3. DE PRASI’S HOUSE – Murderer’s blood trail
  4. DE PRASI’S HOUSE – Murderer’s blood trail

STREET – Murderer’s blood trail

There are five blood trails you have to investigate when you leave De Prasi’s House. One will lead you to another and so on, until you reach the locked house.

LOCKED HOUSE – Clues (1/1)

Unlock the house with the Mysterious Key and collect the final clue.

  1. Statement of Anne de Molay

Accuse the Murderer

It’s pretty easy to figure out who the murderer is, because murderer’s blood trail will lead you to him. The last scene takes place inside the locked house. Accuse Anne de Molay for the maximum bonus awards.




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    Christopher Ray Otwell

    A note for all you completionists out there; the “DE PRASI’S HOUSE- Torture Devices” doesn’t show up in the database. Just FYI (since all the clues are technically missable, since these missions aren’t replayable)

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