Assassin's Creed Unity Aquarius Nostradamus Enigma

Aquarius Nostradamus Enigma is acquired in the Temple district of Le Marais zone in Assassin’s Creed Unity. All of its riddles are connected to the Temple structure, which is actually the Templar fortress.
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It is the largest structure in the area so it is very hard to miss. Solving all riddles will reward you with a Nostradamus fragment piece you can later use to unlock a special assassin’s outfit.


Aquarius Enigma Starting Location

1st Aquarius Riddle Solution

The Poor fellow-soldiers of Christ,
Atop their Stone Dungeon,
Marked their allegiance
In Jerusalem’s Direction.
At first I was not sure how to approach the solution of this riddle, but then I decided to read it like this: The Poor, fellow-soldiers of Christ. This was a Knights Templar reference if I ever heard one. Considering that the Temple (Stone Dungeon) is in this district I went there and found the first riddle solution on top of the tower (in between the four spiky peaks).

2nd Riddle Solution

At the source of life,
The Full-Moon shaped basin
Quenches the thirst
Of Solomon’s defenders.

The original historic Knights Templar were a Christian military order, the Order of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon
(excerpt taken from Wikipedia)
So, this Enigma is going to be about Templar? Source of life from the riddle must be water so I scouted the water encircling the fortress to no avail. I was very happy to find a fountain in the courtyard and hear the familiar chime of the rune. Be careful around the Temple because it has hostile guards you will face as you explore the area.

3rd Aquarius Riddle Solution

In the entrails of the Earth,
Between the twin flames,
Lies The Final resting place
Of the first Grand Master.

This was a fun riddle to solve. I guessed that this one is also located in the Templar fortress’ area and there are four underground entrances on the Temple grounds. I went exploring underground and found some tunnels. I saw a chest close by and when I found a way to it I also heard the chime of the rune. That is where I found the solution to the third and final Aquarius riddle.
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  1. T

    Thank you so much for this! I would have never got that cool costume without you!

  2. T

    Thanks a lot man! Finally got the outfit, coudnt have done it without your help!

  3. J

    Thank you very much. I like how you explain the steps of solving the riddle, rather than just ‘go here, do this’ kind of thing.

    1. A

      I totally agree! I lived how he explained the steps. That’s why I used mostly this guide, rather than other online guides.

      Btw the fact, that the last enigma “I” solved was at the tomb of De Molay has a certain poetic beauty to it.

  4. M

    Yes! Got it! Thanks for taking the time to go things into details

  5. D

    Hey man, I was wondering if you could help me out, I have done 14 of these and now there is just no more starting points on the map, what should I do

    1. M

      Dk you ave to go back to your home @ Cafe Theatre, go to the underground entrance back to the place where you got the first clue. There you will have a series of puzzles to solve before you get the armour.

    2. U

      Just go underneath the café théatre and find the armory, solve the puzzles and its yours

  6. R

    I’m about 15% into the game and this one is the last one but I can’t get to where it is .there is no opening in that I need to beat more of the game first to get this riddle done ?

    1. S

      I thought i had the same problem, just overlooked one, doublecheck the whole map. 15% doesnt matter

  7. R

    Great work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your approach to find the solutions, this helped a lot to refine my own search strategies.

  8. A
    Andrew Shaw

    Fantastic work, this has been invaluable to completing the Nostradamus riddle’s. still took aprox 7 hours to get round them and do the 3 puzzle’s at the end but thanks to your help I now own Thomas de Carneillon’s master assassin outfit 🙂

  9. O
    OG Sw!fty

    Thanks a lot, I found the first one easily but spent really lot of time wondering around Temple and Arsenal areas looking for anything related to the riddle. Found several symbols but none of the valid. Once I found in your text that it’s going to be all around Temple I found it myself. Thank you for that hint that helped me with this 🙂

  10. V

    I love how you make these walkthroughs, they’re VERY useful 🙂

  11. S

    Well this one has been quite easy the only reason it has difficulty of 5 is because its in red zone, its been so easy I didn’t believe myself and checked here if I’m right figuring the riddles took about 30 sec each.

  12. R

    Thanks for the guide. That saved me lots of time for searching.

  13. M

    Does anyone know how to get past the glitch in this one? Because I am not able to interact with the first riddle solution

  14. P

    A billion of thanks for all the work to create this guide. Finding all the riddles must have been a nightmare and you are nice enough to share your progress with all of us. Thanks a lot!

  15. N

    Thanx, Great guide. Helped amazingly. Maps were spot on!

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