Assassin\'s Creed Unity Barber of Seville Murder Mystery Guide

Murder mystery “Barber of Seville” is found in northeastern area of Paris – Temple / Le Marais. Main reward is One-Handed sword called – Back Sword (An unusual sword used by Swedish soldiers during their war against Russia).
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For 25% additional damage you have to spend 200 Creed points.

Where to start the Mystery?

There is a dead body next to the bench in western part of Temple / Le Marais. Once you get close to it you can start the Mystery.

Courtyard – Clues (2/2)

The first clue is the body that starts the mission. Next clue is nearby and you can reach it by climbing the nearby stone stairs and looking at the ground between a wooden bench and a lamp post.
  1. COURTYARD – Body
  2. COURTYARD – Handbill

Outdoor Theater – Clues (8/8)

This area unveils itself once you collect clues from the Courtyard. Outdoor Theater is located just east of the Courtyard you started the Mystery in. You’ll have to talk to three actors and find 5 more clues around the area.
  1. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Statement of Rose (Actress at the stage)
  2. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Statement of Ficarron (Actor at the stage)
  3. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Statement of Pascal (Actor in the crowd)
  4. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Anonymous note (On ground, close to Pascal)
  5. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Rendez-vous (On the door side of a carriage)
  6. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Costume rack (Closet near the stage)
  7. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Prop table (Box, northern part of the Theater)
  8. OUTDOOR THEATRE – Fire site (Same area as the previous one)

Cafe / Love Nest (5/5)

Cafe is located west of the Outdoor Theater. Outside walls of the cafe are painted red. It also has “Cafe Mousse” sign above its entrance. If you follow the blood trail from the body that starts the Mystery you eventually end up in this cafe. The first clue is found on the ground floor while the rest are on the second floor.
  1. CAFE / LOVE NEST – Statement of Cafe Owner (Talk to the person on the ground floor)
  2. CAFE / LOVE NEST – Body (On a chair, second floor)
  3. CAFE / LOVE NEST – Razor (Next to the chair)
  4. CAFE / LOVE NEST – Theater poster (On a wall, next to the Razor)
  5. CAFE / LOVE NEST – Crumpled note (On ground, next to the sofa)

Accuse the right target

Get back to the Outdoor Theater and accuse Ficarron. He can be found on the Theater’s stage. Once you do it you get teleported back to jail, where you have to talk with Lapparent for Mystery completion rewards.



  1. L

    The Cafe is actually located WEST of the Outdoor Theatre. Here is a link proving that Anyway, Thank you guys for all the helpful tips!

  2. D

    How on Earth are you supposed to figure out that it’s Ficarron just from the clues? if anything, the clues point towards everyone but Ficarron being guilty. And where is the clue that tells you that he is her brother? because that would have made all the difference, instead of having to go by process of elimination

    1. L

      When I did the mission, I thought that only Ficarron or Pascal could be guilty (but only after I found out my initial suspect, Laurent, was dead too). The thing that lead me to choose Ficarron over Pascal was the missing costume was burning in the campfire behind Ficarron’s wagon.

    2. B

      It had to be a man, because the cafe owner saw a man in black robes running away. Also there was the note telling the girl that “both her problems” will be solved tonight. So she was’t the killer.

      Now why Ficarron and not Pascal? First of all the clothes next to his trailer. Then he was lying about the troubles in the troupe saying everyone got along well which clearly wasn’t true. Pascal also freely admitted to not liking Barto which he might not have done if he was the killer.

    3. A
      Alexa Morgan

      YES! It never said they were related until you accused him.

  3. M

    If anything, I’d accuse Rose for sending out someone to murder her husband, because of the note written to her.

    Or is that too deep thinking? Is the person who wields the blade always the guilty one?

  4. L

    This was a weird mystery. Ficarron seemed very self-confident. Lieing about troubles or intentionally filtering them out isn’t unusual for that kind of person. Pascal on the other hand is the only one who speaks IN PAST TENSE about Barto’s affairs with the actresses, while Ficarron and Rose show no knowledge about any of the murders.

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