Assassin's Creed Unity The Body Politic Murder Mystery Guide

The Body Politic mystery can be started in western part of Vendome district (Le Louvre zone). Get close to the dead body on the second floor to start the mystery.
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Main reward for this mystery is heavy weapon Claymore. Twenty five percent additional damage upgrade costs 500 creed points. Claymore is described in-game as: “A heavy sword, brought to France by Scottish mercenaries”.

Dining Room – Clues (7/7)

This part of the objective take place on the same floor. The body is the first clue, four clues are statements by people in the house, while the rest are the wine glass and the necklace.

  1. DINING ROOM – Man’s body
  2. DINING ROOM – Victim’s wine glass
  3. DINING ROOM – Necklace (On ground next to the table, close to the wall.)
  4. DINING ROOM – Statement of Antoine Gerard
  5. DINING ROOM – Statement of Madeleine Gerard
  6. DINING ROOM – Statement of Olivier Gedet
  7. DINING ROOM – Statement of Mme Hennebert

Office – Clues (2/2)

Office is found on the last floor of the building. You’ll find two documents there.

  1. OFFICE – Note from Gedet
  2. OFFICE – Feuillant letter

Kitchen – Clues (4/4)

Kitchen is on the ground level of the building. Watch out for enemies on this floor as they patrol near the entrance.

  1. KITCHEN – Note to Alicia
  2. KITCHEN – Window pane
  3. KITCHEN – Statement of Alicia
  4. KITCHEN – Statement of Armand

Andre’s House – Clues (3/3)

You can spot location of Andre’s House once you complete the conversation with Alicia in the kitchen. It is rather close to the starting mystery area.

  1. ANDRE’S HOUSE – Bottle
  2. ANDRE’S HOUSE – Note for Andre
  3. ANDRE’S HOUSE – Statement of the Old Woman

Apothecary – Clues (1/1)

Apothecary map location gets revealed once you collect Statement of the Old Woman clue in Andre’s House. It is located a few blocks away from Andre’s House.

  1. APOTHECARY – Statement of Andre

Glassmaker’s – Clues (3/3)

Glassmaker’s map location gets revealed once you collect Note for Andre clue in Andre’s House. It is quite far away from Andre’s House and is located in northeastern part of Feydeau district (Le Louvre zone).

  1. GLASSMAKER’S – Statement of the Glassmaker
  2. GLASSMAKER’S – List of accounts
  3. GLASSMAKER’S – Glass bead

Black Office – Clues (4/4)

Black Office is located between the starting Mystery area and the Apothecary. Clues are scattered on the second and third floors of the building. One of them is inside a locked chest that you need to use your lockpick skill on. It is a three part pin lock so make sure your lockpicking skill is up to par.

  1. BLACK OFFICE – Report
  2. BLACK OFFICE – Agent List (inside a locked chest)
  3. BLACK OFFICE – Note from chemist
  4. BLACK OFFICE – Note to agent

Accuse the murderer

Get back to the starting area and accuse Monsieur Gerard as the guilty one for maximum reward. Once you do it you get teleported to Chief of Police’s room. Talk to Charles Cochon de Lapparent to complete the Mystery and collect your Claymore.
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  1. A

    I didn’t have the skill to open the chest. I went to buy more picklocks and came back to attempt to open the chest again… but it isn’t even pickable anymore.. it isn’t even highlighted in gold anymore in eagle vision.

  2. B

    Let yourself get killed and it is gold again.

  3. G

    It is glitched and the mission is not on my map and I haven’t done it yet.

    1. B

      It’s not glitched. It’s on the map

      1. D
        Dave Kight

        It wasn’t on the map until after I entered the investigation zone. There is a clue about the black office, but if the investigation area was supposed to be indicated it wasn’t. Why do you assume a glitch you didn’t experience is a glitch that doesn’t exist?

  4. D

    Yeah it’s pretty BS that the developers of this game caused this mission and others to require you to have the highest locksmith skill in order to beat them. You can’t get the skill until you play practically the last mission of the game! What use is the locksmith skill once I’ve beaten the game? I don’t go back and get everything else. It’s pretty pointless to keep playing. Never again will I buy AC games. Tired of them giving you the best equipment and skills AFTER you’ve completed the game. Absolutely worthless.

    1. K

      Or you can simply get good at lock picking, I picked the lv3 lock with just a lv1 picking skill. It’s not the games fault that you just suck.

  5. B

    Mission never told me how to get to the Black Office so I came here to see where it was 🙁 I agree with everyone else on how annoying it is that Ubisoft makes it so difficult for us completionists to do everything we want before completing the entire story.

    1. A

      The reason that Ubisoft didn’t tell you the location about the black office is: There is a social club mission that ask you to investigate the black office, it is the same black office with the same location in both missions.

  6. J

    You only have to complete sequence 9 to be able to obtain the highest locksmith skill.. there are 12 sequences. Also, you can buy any equipment at any point in the game. The only thing you get at the end of the game is the Sword of Eden; which is no better than any of the other golden 5 star swords.

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