AC Unity The Red Ghost of the Tuileries - Murder Mystery Guide

The Red Ghost of the Tuileries – Murder Mystery starts in Tuileries district, between Palais des Tuileries and Louvre. Dead body that starts the Mystery is found inside the locked room, on the third floor of the building.
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It’s pretty hard to unlock this 3 pin lock, thus it’s a good idea to unlock stealth skill Master Locksmith. You’ll be able to invest 9 points into this skill once you complete main story sequence 9. You can try to unlock this lock without the Master Locksmith but it is less likely to succeed.The main reward is Pistol – Fancy Pistol and 2,500 Livres. In-game description for Fancy Pistol: An ornate pistol, likely made for a rich patron of the arts.

Office – Clues (14/14)

You’ll collect 14 clues in the office. Ten of them are collectibles that can be found around the dead body. Four of them are statements.

  1. OFFICE – Body of Director Beaudoin
  2. OFFICE – Vials
  3. OFFICE – Bank registry
  4. OFFICE – Love Letter
  5. OFFICE – Personal letter
  6. OFFICE – Oil painting
  7. OFFICE – Vent trap
  8. OFFICE – Newspaper
  9. OFFICE – Invitation
  10. OFFICE – Marks on wall
  11. OFFICE – Statement of Counselor LeGall
  12. OFFICE – Statement of First Valet
  13. OFFICE – Statement of Second Valet
  14. OFFICE – Statement of Third Valet

Counselor’s House – Clues (3/3)

This area is pretty close to the Office. You can enter it through the roof entrance.

  1. COUNSELOR’s HOUSE – Letter from Beaudoin
  2. COUNSELOR’s HOUSE – Official-looking letter
  3. COUNSELOR’s HOUSE – A genealogical tree

Von Gluck Mansion – Clues (4/4)

Von Gluck Mansion location is marked on the map once you collect Office – Invitation. It’s in the Tuileries district. In order to investigate this area you have to climb up onto the second floor. Once inside the building collect two clues, then use the stairs and go down to collect two statements.

  1. VUN GLUCK MANSION – Empty bottles
  3. VUN GLUCK MANSION – Statement of Brigitta von Gluck
  4. VUN GLUCK MANSION – Statement of Herr Friedrich von Gluck

Victim’s House – Clues (6/6)

Victim’s House is in Vendome district. Inside the building, go to the second floor. Open the locked door and collect six clues in the room.

  1. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Glass vials
  2. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Historical books and papers
  3. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Letter from creditor
  4. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Suicide note
  5. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Religious objects
  6. VICTIM’S HOUSE – Letter from Counselor LeGall

Gambling Den – Clues

Gambling Den location appears on the map once you collect Office – Newspaper clue. This location is close to the Victim’s House, only one block away. In order to reach the investigation area you have to climb onto the second floor.

  1. GAMBLING DEN – Statement of card-player
  2. GAMBLING DEN – Statement of card-player
  3. GAMBLING DEN – Ledger
  4. GAMBLING DEN – Set of dueling pistols

Apothecary Shop – Clues (1/1)

Apothecary Shop location is in Tuileries district. On the ground floor you can speak with M. Durand that gives the statement.

  1. APOTHECARY SHOP – Statement of the Apothecary

Secret Room – Clues (5/5)

Once again you are on the same floor where the Mystery starts, next to the room where you found the dead body. I’ve discovered it by accident, since this is the same room where you can unlock the loot chest (marked as red colored chest on the map). In order to enter this room you have to find a window on the second floor, on the side of the building that doesn’t face the nearby street.

  1. SECRET ROOM – Red garment
  2. SECRET ROOM – Instruments
  3. SECRET ROOM – Pot and brush
  4. SECRET ROOM – Mouthpiece
  5. SECRET ROOM – Levers

Find the Murderer

As usual, the murderer can be found near the crime scene. Go back to the starting area in the Office. Accuse the only person that is not Ministry of Finance Valet. Accuse the murderer Counselor Herve LeGall, victim’s assistant for the maximum reward.
AC Unity The Red Ghost of the Tuileries Counselors Find The Murderer
Accuse the Murderer!

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