GTA 5 Peyote plant locations

Peyote is a small white plant scattered across the map of San Andreas. It’s hard to spot, but you’ll hear a specific sound when you are close to it. After consuming this plant your character will start hallucinating and you will be transformed into a random animal such as a chicken, deer, seagull, hawk, crow, dog, cat, cow, pig, shark…. There are 27 hidden locations where you can collect this plant, and in the gallery and map below you can see all locations that we have found so far. When you collect all of the Peyote plants listed bellow they will respawn and you can collect them again.

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UPDATE! Rockstar added 76 additional peyote plant locations in GTA Online for Halloween 2019. Map with detailed screenshots of all 76 cactus locations can be found in this article GTA Online Peyote Plant Map Locations – Play as Cactus Animals

GTA ONLINE Peyote plant locations for Halloween 2019

You can become various new animals with the special ones being the Sasquatch and Chop. On land you can become boar, border collie, cat, chicken-hawk, cormorant, coyote, cow, crow, elk, hen, husky, mountain lion, pig, pigeon, poodle, pug, rabbit, retriever, rottweiler, seagull and west highland terrier. There are also peyote plants underwater that help you become one of the following sea creatures: dolphin, fish, hammerhead shark, killer whale, stingray and tiger shark. Bellow is the map of all locations and we’ll be adding screenshots for all the locations starting with biog foot and chop.

76 PEYOTE locations GTA ONLINE

1. Bigfoot peyote plant location GTA Online Sasquatch

Go to Grapeseed at the base of Mount Chilliad. Find the peyote plant shown on the screenshot bellow and eat it between 3AM and 8AM in foggy weather. If you did not eat the plant during foggy time or in the hours mentioned above you can come back after 24 in-game hours and the plant will respawn.

76. Chop peyote location GTA Online

Chop peyote can be found at the backyard of Franklin’s original house. He’s a Rottweiler that you can use to attack people and is a favorite from GTA V single player.—————————————————————————–


GTA 5 Peyote Plant Locations

1. Tongva Hills

In Tongva Hills, when you reach the sign Two Hoots Fall, you will find Payote on a huge rock on a river bank, next to a small waterfall.

2. Pacific Ocean 1

It’s pretty hard to find this one. It’s near Fort Zancudo. Look for a blue sunken ship. Just next to it you will find a plant in front of a blue sea coral.

3. Fort Zancudo

On the ground, next to a dirt road, close to three similar sized bushes.

4. Raton Canyon

The next one can be found near Zancudo River in Raton Canyon on one of the mountain tops. If you turn left you’ll see a bridge, and you’ll have big rocks behind you. If you have a helicopter, use it to get to this one.

5. Raton Canyon Peyote plant location 2

Another plant location in the Raton Canyon, but this time on the other side of the river. On the mountain top look for a wooden deck. It’s pretty hard to spot the plant at this location because it’s hidden among the rocks.

6. Alamo Sea

In the northwestern part of the Alamo sea, near the coast.

7. Mount Chiliad – Gondola Station

The next location is right on the top of Mount Chiliad, south from the Gondola Station, next to the red flags.

8. Pacific Ocean 2

Close to one of the many rock “bridge” formations. If you approach it from the nearby shore, you have to go over/through/aside this “bridge” to reach the peyote location. Peyote is on sand, close to the purple underwater flora.

9. Mount Chiliad Peyote plant location 2

Another location on Mount Chiliad, on the northernmost part of the map.

10. Mount Chiliad plant location 3

Close to the two cactus bushes.

11. Mount Gordo

In the Mount Gordo area near a small lake look for the plant next to a tree. We suggest using a helicopter to reach this location.

12. Pacific Ocean 3

This one is rather deep in the water. If you are here for the first time you might need help of an oxygen tank to safely breathe underwater. Boats, like Nagasaki Dinghy, give an oxygen tank upon exiting the vehicle.

Peyote is found next to a pile of metal bars. They are easily noticeable from far as they form a shape of a destroyed ship’s frame. There is a lot of junk near this Peyote: an old rusty trunk that hangs on the hill’s edge, an old ruined plane and more.

13. Ron Alternates Wind Farm

Within an area surrounded with short metal fence. Across from the “Peace” RV camper.

14. Grand Senora Desert

Close to the sand road and the nearby tall cactuses.

15. Grand Senora Desert 2

On the ground, between a small cactus bush and a larger non-cactus bush.

16. Vinewood Hills

Close to a giant rock, across from the ranger’s house.

17. Vinewood Hills 2

On the ground, near large bushes.

18. Vinewood Hills 3

From the last building, go down the hill and you’ll find a plant near the sewer entrance.

19. West Vinewood

On the highest floor terrace. This is the terrace that looks over a nearby street. Peyote is next to a parasol and a long tarpaulin.

20. San Andreas / Magellan Ave

On the second floor of the building, next to the small stairs.

21. Del Perro Pier

Jump off the pier and look for peyote next to a white pillar and a huge rock.

22. Los Santos customs

Next to the side wall of Los Santos customs, you’ll find Peyote plant between a ruined bus and Forklift.

23. La Puerta Baseball Field

When you reach the baseball field in the La Puerta district look for the plant next to the fence.

24. Los Santos International Airport

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360: Close to the two giant mushroom looking flora.

Others: Find a group of three larger, green boulders. They are placed around some smaller seaweeds. Go toward them, and you’ll find Peyote just between the two seaweeds.

25. El Burro Heights

All the way down, before you reach the white fence.

26. Mirror Park

Close to the backyard entrance of a house.

27. Pacific Ocean 4

The next one is in the Pacific Ocean on a small island. It’s very hard to land a helicopter on the island.

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    Director mode can be accessed by going into the phone and phoning the contact acting up or by pressing and holding the “BACK” button until the interactive menu appears on the screen and then you need to press on “Enter director mode” and then you can pick to play as any of the animals that you have unlockeed or you can play as any other character in GTAV

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