Assassin's Creed Unity Saturnus Nostradamus Enigma

Saturnus Nostradamus Enigma is a side mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity that makes you solve three riddles in order to complete it and collect a Nostradamus Fragment collectible. These fragments open doors in the Armor Room beneath the Café Théâtre’s.
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Saturnus Enigma is obtained from a rune found on the ground in the Palais De Justice region, Île de la Cité section of the Paris map, slightly northwest of Notre-Dame and close to the north river bank. It is a three star difficulty mission whose riddles are solved close to the starting point and at Notre-Dame.

Saturnus Nostradamus Enigma start location

Saturnus Enigma Starting Location

1st Riddle Solution

I wield two blades,
Flanked by Justice and Law.
I strike true and fair, hour by hour,
For monarchs and peasants alike.

It is immediately made clear that you are looking for two statues of Justice and Law placed next to a clock. I was lucky enough to spot this very object not far west of the starting point. I would have been quite lost otherwise.

2nd Riddle Solution

Encircled by 24 petals of light,
Our Lady of the Rose watches, silent as stone,
O’er believers below.
Look to the Lady lit by the setting sun.
Look to the blossoming rose.

I had no idea what this meant but a Google search helped me discover that Lady of the Rose might refer to Notre-Dame itself. There is a Notre-Dame Rose window that is impressive and that led me to the solution of the second riddle.

3rd Riddle Solution

Stay with Our Lady, standing between flowing waters.
Count one for each book of the Pentateuch from rose to transept.
Five arches, five wide-open eyes, five nightmares.
The last sits atop our treasure:
The gate to the infinite.

Knowing that Lady refers to Notre-Dame I knew immediately that the last solution is found on the cathedral. Since I climbed the building before I remembered the arches it has on its side so I went to the south arches and found the third riddle solution on the ground there.

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  1. K

    i dont understand one

  2. S

    The 1st is 2 blades (2 hands of the clock). strike every hour….turn your Eagle Vision on in front of the clock.

  3. C

    There are seven flying buttresses, that I’m assuming they are calling arches, and the second closest thing I can find are the “arches” in the windows… but there are six( (counting the ones on the balcony). I don’t understand how you deduced this riddle, I was looking under bridges with five arches for the last hour. fts

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      You are absolutely correct. There are 7 arches at that location. When I was first solving this enigma I remembered seeing arches on the Notr-Dame and I went there without counting honestly. It was pure luck at the time. I am just glad I didn’t waste too much time looking for it. What I think they meant is to count to five arches out of 7 and underneath the 5th is the solution to the riddle…

      1. I

        I had trouble with that one aswell, I started counting the surroundings and went for the bride aswell until i saw more bridges with 5 Arches. The Notre Dame has not a single part with 5 arches. I think this riddle was really unfair 🙁 And considering the solution, It could have been on both sides, well maybe it was south because it was closer to the water…. The only thing that really helps is that it says to “stay with the Lady” but its still unfair. Not much of a surprise though. I mean I don’t expect people who cant beta test their game properly to have the ability to count to 10 at least.

        1. M

          It’s not unfair at all and is in fact, very clear.
          Stay with Our Lady, standing between flowing waters. > stay at the church and go to the side closest to water
          Count one for each book of the Pentateuch from rose to transept. count: from rose(the window you were just at for the 2nd riddle, to the transept(a part of the church, look up this word if you don’t understand it. this literally put the clue within the front half of the church, ie the first set of the arches)
          Five arches, five wide-open eyes, five nightmares. (count 5 arches. easy as that)
          The last sits atop our treasure: (5th one marks the treasure)
          The gate to the infinite.

  4. G
    Grant Townsend

    Spent at least 30minutes with the Final riddle with this! As soon as you meantioned arches on Notre dame then I knew exactly where to look!

    The eyes being Windows, the nightmares being gargoyles..

    Love these riddles, takes me back to the glyphs of AC2 and Brotherhood.

  5. N
    Nicholas Nola

    The final riddle Is asking you to count to 5 from rose (the 24 petalled rose from the front of the church) to transept (the cross half way down the spine of the church). Essentially, from front to back. Five arches, five windows and five gargoyles down, you find the glyph. However they don’t give clear instructions on which side to count on.

    1. K

      That was my understanding also. Though indeed they should have indicated the side in some way.

      More puzzling, any idea what that “gate to the infinite” is? It’s not needed to solve the riddle but it annoys me not to figure it out…

      1. K

        it does tell u what side …..nightmares happen in the dark those 5 gargoyles are on the shaded side of the building same with the arches…its in plan English ppl

        1. M

          Plain English? Nicholas Nola’s comment is in plain English. These riddles are just stupid…

  6. L

    Great guide got them all tnx

  7. J

    psh. I just spent 20 minutes at the “Pont Notre Dame”. It’s the bridge just north. “stay with our Lady” To me meant it was Notre Dame bridge, “flowing waters” you see where I’m coming from here. Went to the bridge, looked underneath and the bridge is supported by… 5 arches. There’s an underground section under the farthest arch, I was convinced I was in the correct area and simply couldn’t find the spot. Kinda pissed wh I saw it was the building the whole time.en

  8. T
    Tom J.

    The first riddle was the only one I managed to solve and find without help. I worked out that the second and third riddles took me to Notre Dame but never would have found the exact locations without this guide so thank you.

  9. L
    Logan Sims

    I knew all the riddles but the last one and knew it was somewhere close to the cathedral thanks

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