Assassin's Creed Unity Mars Nostradamus Enigma

Mars Nostradamus Enigma is a 2 star difficulty mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity which gives you three riddles to solve and rewards you with a fragment collectible. These can be later used in the basement of your tavern in the secret Armor Room.
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This is an optional mission that has some very hard riddles, but we will provide you with solutions to all of them along with screenshots of map locations. It starts north of Notre-Dame in Cité region, Île de la Cité section of Paris. You will be finding solutions to riddles all within 200 meters of the starting point of this Nostradamus Enigma. Starting point is at a rune located on the chimney on top of one of Parisian houses.

Mars Enigma Starting Location

1st Riddle Solution

In a peaceful field sewn with stones
A winged watcher waits.
Her gentle gaze graces all souls,
Follow to the resting place.

I immediately thought of a graveyard when I read the first riddle. Graveyard with an angel statue (a winged watcher) overlooking a grave (resting place). Luckily, the rooftop I was on is overlooking a graveyard so I went down there and soon found the solution to the first riddle.

2nd Riddle Solution

Notre Dame Cathedral looks over her daughters,
One snuggled between dame and Sainte-Chapelle.
There, the face of the Son
watches o’er his flock.

Second riddle gave me a hard time. I presumed that Son is Jesus, but I couldn’t remember seeing his statue anywhere. There are quite a few buildings in between the Notre-Dame and Sainte-Chapelle but I figured out in the end that it must be another church. There are only two directly in between these two landmarks and finally I spotted a face of Jesus on the entrance of one of them and thus solved the second riddle.

3rd Riddle Solution

Beyond a Dauphine, the blue ribbons
Diverge, making way for man and beast.
An assassin’s victim struck a shrewd bargain
To acquire a city.
The treasure lies beneath the mount.

Third riddle was easy after I saw there is a landmark called Place Dauphine west of Sainte-Chapelle. When I saw a horseman statue at the corner which splits the river in two I knew I found the solution to the third and final riddle of Mars Nostradamus Enigma.

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  1. V
    Vana Varoe

    Thanks for the walk throughs

  2. K

    In the final riddle, the assassin’s victim is Henry IVth, whose statue it is. Those enigmas are really well done – most historical aspect of the game! Tough if you don’t know Paris & French history well though.

  3. A

    On the 2nd Riddle, my game isn’t letting me interact with the face of Christ in order to move on to the 3rd Riddle. I tried resetting the game and coming back to the face of Chris again, but it still won’t let me pick it up. I’m on XBone.

    1. A

      I had the same problem on ps4 I found that if you keep the riddel open until you get to your next location it will let you interact

  4. F

    Thanks 🙂 I don’t jack about french history hence why these puzzels were mind fucking me.

  5. L

    This website is really helping me find these, but it makes me mad when it says “West of” or “Northern part.” There is no North, South, East, or West on the map. And no, don’t just assume that whatever way the map faces by default means that the top side is North, etc. That logic is just mind-fucking. Now. Thanks for this, but please, don’t use directions that aren’t present in the game.

    1. L

      I retract my statement about north/south/east/west. I just noticed that the only place that actually defines direction is the minimap, which only has North. But still, it’s very confusing.

  6. S

    I looked for the 2nd riddle for lots of hours….. It made me mad. Thanks you from Iran. Many thanks.

  7. C

    Thank you so much for you’re guides, I spent an entire afternoon doing this shit! You’re guides were simple and easy to use.

  8. K
    kota pickles

    These are real helpful used this guy’s for some other ones right now using them to help my brother find the answers thanks

  9. D

    From the bottom of my heart, Thank You! Your guides are not only helpful but also very interesting to read which made the whole deal feel like a lot less of a grind. Top work! Definitely earned yourself a new reader in me.

  10. B

    Thanks a lot for this. The maps were especially helpful.

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