How to start playing Dead Kings DLC in AC Unity

Dead Kings is the first DLC for Assassin’s Creed Unity and it is free for all who purchased the game. To start its download for the PC you should just open up your Uplay client and click on Play for AC Unity.
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You should then get offered to download the DLC (it is around 8GB download). After you download it you can enter the game. For the PS4 and XBox One consoles you should be able to just download it from the store.Once you are in the game you should be on the map of Paris. To reach the new content you will have to travel to Franciade where Dead Kings DLC story takes place. To do so you have to find a carriage near the front entrance of Cafe Theatre (your “home base”). Get close to this carriage and use it to travel to the new area. Location of this carriage is also marked on the map by a letter “F” (that stands for Franciade) and you can actually fast travel to it from the map and that will automatically take you to the new area.

AC Unity Where to start Dead Kings DLCNote: Remember that this DLC is FREE for everyone who bought AC: Unity and it doesn’t require any additional payments. It also offers a new main story sequence consisting of 6 missions, new Enigmas, Murder Mysteries and collectibles. You will also get to wield a new type of weapon and by our experience so far it is a great addition to the game with some new mechanics and unique missions.
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    How do you start a NEW GAME after Dead Kings is completed? A friend’s game did not have a trophy pop after completing Sequence 13.

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