Nativitatis Et Mortis Sugers Legacy Enigma guide - Assassins Creed Unity

Nativitatis Et Mortis is the first enigma puzzle that came with the free Dead Kings DLC for AC Unity. It is part of the Suger’s Legacy collection and you will unlock it once you complete Sequence 13 Memory 3 main story mission (it will show up on the map and you will be able to start it along with 4 other enigma puzzles).
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It has three riddles for you to solve and it is a one star mission that starts in the Windmill district of Franciade.

Nativitatis Et Mortis Suger’s Legacy Starting Location

You will find the starting rune for this enigma on top of a church in the middle of Franciade.Watch the video guide bellow or skip to screenshots and textual explanation.

1st Nativitatis Et Mortis Riddle Solution

Though blessed their lives have been
in the spirit’s shelter
newborns’ curse begins
by the tainted water.

This is a pretty dark riddle and goes in line with the general theme of Nativitatis Et Mortis enigma. It first associated me of a graveyard, but after searching for a while I decided to go back to where I started the enigma, because, usually, first riddle is solved close to the start. This was the case here as well because I heard the rune chime at the entrance to the church where I started the enigma and thus solved the first riddle of Nativitatis Et Mortis.

2nd Riddle Solution for Nativitatis Et Mortis Suger’s Legacy

Our children in the ark
Find in life no beauty
For it bore the mark
Of three white walls bloody.

It took ages to find three white walls bloody. I looked all around the cemetery and even the windmill, but in the end I found them on the side of a building east of the cemetery.

3rd Riddle Solution

Dust, ashes and root,
We meet where it all ends
Cut, it once bore fruit,
No more it ascends

I knew immediately that I was looking for a cut down tree or a tree stump at the cemetery. Going from the previous location towards the cemetery I heard the rune chime as I climbed onto the cemetery’s wall. I saw the solution to the third riddle of Nativitatis Et Mortis Enigma and completed the sequence.



  1. F

    For the second riddle: “the children in the ark” reger to THW orphanage, wäre the solution is in the wall.
    Thanks for the guide bzw 🙂

  2. S

    Thanks for doing all these riddles! Couldn’t have solved them without your help, keep up the great work.

  3. L
    Laird Comanche

    Absolut Great Job, thanks sooooo much – with out you I would have been so stuck already and never made it – I tried and all I got was running in Circles 😉

  4. B

    obviously, a lot of time went into this guide, but its a shame and all for not because im on seq 13, i climb up the church to the window but there is no glowing symbol like in the video. you don’t explain anything on how to get this memory going.

    1. A

      You get the quest when you progress through the main story. Once you have the quest to gather the two secret riddles which is about S13 Chapter 3/4 .

    2. A

      This is for dead kings, maybe you didn’t enter the dead kinks world?

  5. O
    Oscar Jiménez

    What I love about your take on Nostradamus and Suger’s enigmas, and the very reason why I come here whenever I’m stuck in one is the same why I end up coming anyway if I manage to succeed on my own, that is, for insight on the deduction process and the logic that you followed and the pleasure of comparing it to the path that I took.

    On that note, I’d like to share the very bit that stuck out to me about the first riddle and helped me finding the rune in just a minute or so:

    in the spirit’s shelter -> the church
    newborns’ curse begins -> the catholic baptism
    by the tainted water -> the holy water

    It seemed obvious to me that the riddle was pointing directly to the baptismal fountain on the very church I was standing at. Finding it was just a matter of seconds.

    The second riddle was a pain in the ass, tho’. Logic and knowledge failed me there and I had to wander around looking for the actual bloody walls in the scenery just like you, so I’ll refrain from boasting too much about the first one XD.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. E

    idk how to egt the sword i bought the DLC and i cant start any quest of it idk how also i coplete diablo and v crux without knowing what it was i hvae not unlocked the rest how do i do that?

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