AC Unity Sync Point Locations - The Austrian Conspiracy Co-op

The Austrian Conspiracy is a three star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which two players can participate. The starting location is in La Marais district.
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There are three hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission.
AC Unity The Austrian Conspiracy Co-op Mission
You have to kill all 10 spies to start the next objective.
This is one of the few Co-op Missions where you should complete the starting objectives in order to collect Sync Points. Objective you should complete before going toward the first Sync Point is to “defend Danton“. This objective ends once you kill 10 Austrian spies, and the objective “Steal the documents” starts.

Starting Location

Sync Points Location

The first Sync Point is on your way towards a document location. These documents are part of the objective “STEAL the documents“. While searching for the closest document location you’ll come across a garden with a fountain. The first Sync Point is inside a building located between the garden and the building where you’ll collect a document. In order to collect the Sync Point go to the second floor, and climb up onto the third floor. The Sync Point is in the corner of the room.Once you collect two documents you gain a new objective – KILL the master spies. Next two documents are in a square-shaped building complex. If you want to collect both Sync Points do not kill both master spies. The second Sync Point is on the third floor, in southern part of the complex, just behind the locked doors. This is a three pin lock.The third Sync Point is on the Filles du Calvaire Convent steeple. This church is located next to the building where you can find and assassinate one of the objective targets – Comte de Gambais. It’s not enough just to climb up on top of the steeple to collect the Point, but to jump from the top towards the closest hay stack.
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  1. S

    Why do you have it in that order? Get the third sync point second, before you even enter the complex with the kill targets.

  2. K

    I can’t get the third one, it’s to high, what do I have to do now?

  3. S

    I had to try a couple of time to get it, but on the last go I tried to get a different angle and it worked.

  4. M
    Michael E Toups

    U doing the lords work son

  5. M
    maria santana

    Hello. how can i save the game during the mission? everytime i turn off the ps and try later i have to start it all over again!!!!! please help!

  6. A

    So why the fuck would they put a three locks door, which ability only can be purchased after sequence 9, which pretty much means being able to deal with a five points difficulty, in a three points difficulty co-op mission?
    Am I supposed to repeat these shit mission three times at least to get all the shit available?
    Level design at its best ubisoft

  7. T
    Tim kut

    Ubisoft is shit.
    Level design is incredibly stupid, making gamers do the same thing over and over again.
    That’s how you make your games annoying and people stop playing them.

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