AC Unity Sync Point Locations - Moving Mirabeau Co-op

Moving Mirabeau is a five star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which two players can participate. The starting location is in the Pantheon – La Bievre district.
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There are five hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. All Syn Points are inside and around the large building – the Pantheon.

Starting Location

Sync Points Location

The first Sync Point is just above the entrance of the Pantheon. It is located between the two large central stone pillars. In order to reach this location you have to climb up onto the roof of the Pantheon. When you start the Co-op Mission turn left. You can stop the wooden platform and use it to climb onto the Pantheon. From the rooftop jump down onto the pillar. Use the pillar to climb up and collect the Sync Point on.Go back to the rooftop. The next Sync Point is on top of the largest, central platform. This area is surrounded with large number of stone pillars. Sync Point is on the southern part of this platform.
AC Unity Moving Mirabeau Third Sync Point
One of the Pantheon entrances.
Third Sync Point is inside the Pantheon. Head towards the northern part of the Pantheon and you’ll find it in a small room. The entrance to this room is on the ground floor. In order to collect the Sync Point that hovers in the air, you have to jump between the edges of the room. You have to perform a jump leap.Fourth Sync Point is in the southern part of the Pantheon. You’ll spot the Sync Point on a small stone balcony next to a large wooden “tower”. Watch out for sniper fire.The last Sync Point is located in the crypts of the Pantheon. This is where our main Co-op Mission objective – Find the three hidden symbols to solve the puzzle takes place. Use the stairs in the southeastern part of the Pantheon ground floor. Once you reach the crypt and the circle platform where you should solve the mission puzzle, turn left. Inside this part of the crypt there is a locked door. This is a three pin lock. It is more than challenging to open this door if you don’t have master locksmith skill learned. Enter the room and collect the final Sync Point.
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