AC Unity Sync Point Locations - Heads Will Roll Co-op

Heads Will Roll is a two star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to 2 players can participate. The starting location is in Halles – Ventre de Paris district of Paris.
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There are two hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission.

Starting Location

Sync Points Location

The first Sync Point is in underground tunnels. These tunnels are beneath a large fortress where the first part of the Co-op Mission takes place. Once you enter the tunnel, it will be hard to miss the Sync Point since there is only a one path that you can follow. Since you are not time limited at the start of the Co-op Mission and you can either go for the Sync Point at the start of the Mission, or when you reach the objective part – Find Paton. The best idea is to collect it at the end of the objective Retrieve Paton’s notebook, because the underground entrance is on the other side of the fortress where you collected Paton’s notebook.The second Sync Point is in the area where you have to save Paton from execution, more precisely, where you have to complete objective – Kill the three Templars. This time you have to be well organized since this objective is time-limited. The idea is to kill two Templars, collect the Sync Point and kill the last Templar. If we are slow with any of this tasks Paton gets killed and objective fails.

AC Unity Heads will Roll Kill the Templars Objective
Location of the three Templars.
Paton’s execution takes place on a large square. Sync Point is inside a large building to the east from the objective area. It is on the ground floor. You can access the ground level by opening the locked door near the square. This is a hard three pin lock, but the Sync Point is a few steps away from the door. The other entrance is reachable from the building’s central yard. But in order to reach it you have to climb over the building, enter the ground floor, collect the Sync Point and return the same way.
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    It’s better to get the second sync point first, before entering the prison to get the key. No reason to have to time your kills if you don’t have to.

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    The second sync point can be retrived when going into the building from the backside or when coming from the firat floor. In both these ways you don’t need lockpick skill three.

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