AC Unity Sync Point Locations - Les Enrages Co-op

Les Enrages is a four star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to four players can participate. The starting location is in the Saint-Marcel – La Bievre district. There are four hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. Just like most of the Co-ops you can solo this mission and collect all Sync Points without rushing to complete the objectives.

Starting Location

Sync Points Location

When you start the Co-op Mission you’ll find yourself in front of the U-shaped building complex. This is location where the objective Find the three captured Assassins and free them takes place. Three of four Sync Points are in a close vicinity of this building complex.The First Sync Point is on the building rooftop, in the southern part of the complex.Another Sync Point, second in this guide is in the basement, in the jail. It is located in the central part of the largest building. If you approach it from the west, go through the metal gate and turn right. Walk over the stairs to enter the underground part, then turn right. There are two pin locked door you have to unlock. Behind them, inside the passage is the second Sync Point.Third Sync Point is located inside sewers in the northern part of the building complex. There are two underground passages that lead toward the northern part of the complex. Enter the one located outside the red marked area on the map. When you reach the entrance climb down the ladder. Squeeze through a metal gate, then turn left and collect the Sync Point.The last, fourth Sync Point can be found inside a house where couple of Co-op Mission objectives take place. The first objective that takes you toward this place is Find the patient ledger. This area is marked by two green squares. Sync Point is inside the house, on the ground floor, behind the locked door. This door has three pin lock. Get the Master Locksmith skill to unlock the door easier.
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  1. Z

    there are 7 sync points

  2. G

    Zach there are 4 sync points to collect and 5 when you have completed the mission

  3. D

    do u have 2 finish the mission to get the sync point or can u just quit the mission when you’ve collected it.

    1. O

      You have to collect the ones in the mission, THEN finish the mission to get all the sync points.

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