AC Unity Sync Point Locations - The Tournament Co-op

The Tournament is a five star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to four players can participate. The starting location is in Invalides – Les Invalides district. There are five hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. You should consider to start this mission in public rather than in private mode. Some of the co-op mission objectives require more than one run through to complete the given task. This is definitely one of the most challenging Co-op Missions for solo completion.

Starting Location

Sync Point Location

First Sync Point is near the place where the first mission objective – “RETRIEVE letters of permission” takes place. One of the letters that you should retrieve is on a table, beneath the tent, on a river bank. Sync Point is close to this area, next to the river, at the bottom of a stone wall. Tent with the letter is just above this part of the wall.Once you complete the next mission objective – “RETRIEVE 34 flags in the time allowed” you get another one – “GO to Les Invalides”. On your way toward this mission objective you should collect the second Sync Point. Just before you enter Les Invalides central yard look to your right. You will spot a large pool and a Sync point in the corner. It is very close to the fence that separate this area from the nearby street.Once inside the central yard of Les Invalides, you should collect the third Sync Point. This Sync Point is hidden on the first floor, in the eastern part of the building.The next two Sync Points can be found inside the area where you’ll complete the last mission objective – “ASSASSINATE the coup conspirators”. Fourth Sync Point is close to the top of the dome, on a small circular platform.Fifth Sync Point is inside a building. This is the area where you’ll find four targets from the last mission objective. If you solo this co-op, it’s a bad idea to alert them all at once. Sync Point hovers in the air, in the northern part of the building.
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    You can make your life so much easier if you collect all sync points right at the start of the mission 🙂

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