AC Unity Sync Point Locations - Women's March Co-op

Women’s March is a five star difficulty Co-op Mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity, in which up to four players can participate. The starting location is in Saint-Lambert – Les Invalides district.
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There are five hidden Sync points inside this Co-op mission. You should start this mission in public mode rather than in private.

The main reason for this decision is the first mission objective – “DEFEND Theroigne and her ally”. These two nice ladies can be easily killed by the group of enemies that appear on their way toward the next objective. You can solo this objective, but you need full gear and ammunition.

Starting Location

Sync Point Location

First Sync Point is located across from your starting mission position. You can even spot it during the initial mission introduction if you watch carefully. It’s next to the main church door, inside a tiny room.When Theroigne and her ally leave a crowded square the first group of enemies will attack them. After defeat these enemies you should spot a large church to your left. This is where the second Sync Point is located, at the back of the church, on its lower rooftop.Once the first objective is completed you get another one – “KILL the three gatehouse captains”. These three captains are located inside and on top of one of objective buildings. Third Sync Point is in the building to your left. In order to collect it, you have to defeat enemies inside the building and open the locked three pin door, on the ground floor.The next two Sync Points should be collected before completing the last mission objective – “SABOTAGE the cannons”. Fourth Sync Point is inside a small passage in the house in the northeastern part of the area where the final objective takes place. This house looks toward the yard where one of the cannons is located.The last Fifth Sync Point is located in the southern part of the final objective area. It is near the house and a wooden carriage.
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    Important part… Wen you disable the 3rd cannon, it is too late to get the last sync point… No escape the area here

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