Assassin's Creed Unity Terra Nostradamus Enigma

North of the Bastille is where you’ll find the beginning of Terra Nostradamus Enigma side mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity. Enigmas are important mission for those wanting to get Thomas De Carneillon armor in the basement of Café Théâtre.
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You need to solve all Enigmas in order to unlock this special outfit. Terra Enigma is a two star difficulty mission and has three riddles that are easy to solve since all solutions are close to where the mission starts.

Terra Nostradamus Enigma

Terra Enigma Starting Location

1st Terra Riddle Solution

Hedged in her garden,
A wingéd-warrior stands,
Unmoving and unmoved,
At the cross’s very heart.

First riddle was easy to do. Since for most of these riddles the first one is close to where you start I just looked around and noticed a garden bellow the theater building with an angel statue in the middle. Eagle vision revealed the solution to the first riddle.

2nd Terra Riddle Solution

Forever more,
The warrior fights her ceaseless battle.
She takes aim, her steady spear
Poised against the demons.

I was confused by this one for a moment. I wasn’t sure if the warrior the second verse refferes to is the same from the first riddle. Since the statue is holding a spear I decided to check out the location the spear is pointing to since it was clearly pointing at a nearby church. Once there I heard a chime of the second riddle’s solution and found it mid way up the church.

3rd Riddle Solution

To be punished or to be amused,
The green heritage of Daedalus
Sees the lofty Bishop looming
Over the resting Rook.

This was very easy because from the balcony you are on you can clearly see a hedge labyrinth with a big “Rook” in the middle. Solution to the third riddle is found on top of the Rook-like tower.

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  1. J

    “Never figured out the bishop tho…” the rock looks exactly like a Bishop chess piece? Some how I think you might be trolling lol

    1. A

      The church represents the bishop chess piece. And it does tower over the rook in the middle of the hedge maze.

  2. L

    Could be wrong but I’m sure in the final riddle the ‘sees the lofty bishop looming’ line refers to the rock in the maze being shaped like a bishop chess piece

    1. J

      No a biship has a lil resavoir tip at the top with a slit in it… It actualy refers to a ROOK, not “rock” which is the name of the piece.._or castle

      1. C
        corey Robertson

        You are the Bishop you are standing on the top of a church looming over them.

  3. W

    The last one is figured out quiet differently. I looked at the map before i started looking for the clues. There i noticed the maze. The fact they mentioned Daedalus made me run to the maze. Why you ask. Daedalus is in Greek mythology the builder of the Labyrinth the magical changing maze under whole the whole of Greece.

    1. K

      Same here. The daedalus part was a dead give-away. The “rook” tower just a bonus.

    2. L

      It was actually just under the city in which Minos ruled, called Knossos on the island of Crete, not under the entirety of Greece. But, if you look as if the Labyrinth were still alive and growing, it would completely cover just under the “skin” of America. I say America because the gods move with Western Civilization, which is now America. I’m a Greek nerd.

  4. K

    Funny, for the last one I realise now I solved it by pure chance. I never saw that statue – instead I tried the church directly since the “demon” part seemed to have something to do with religion and the “steady spear” could be the church spire.

    1. W

      The demon probably refers to the gargoyle sitting on the corner of the church by the symbol. The spear points at the gargoyle.

  5. B

    The bishop is the church tower right next to the clue.

  6. J

    As he says, the tower in the center is shaped like a ROOK chess peice, not a bishop. The bishop is represented by the church, hence why the bishop chess peice commonly wears a cross on its head. As someone else commented, the church, or bishop, towers over the rook in the center of the maze.

    1. A
      Antonio Caro

      You’re thinking of the king piece in chess with the cross on its head, the bishop looks like a smiley face. It depends on the chess set though, but usually the king has the cross on its head

  7. K

    It is true that the church tower is the indirect reference to the bishop part. What it means is that this is where an actual bishop(a person) is towering over the rook. So not bishop as in a chess piece.

  8. D

    The bishop part clearly shows that the tower looks like a bishop in chess

  9. A

    This one is bugged for me. I can’t interact with any of the symbols!

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