AC Unity The Prophet walkthrough Sequence 5 - Memory 3

The Prophet memory main objective is to assassinate Lafrenière. This mission can be done really quickly if you’re not interested in completing the side objectives.
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You start on a rooftop, close to the courtyard where your target will show up. See the complete video walkthrough:

There are several ways to finish this memory, most of them are unnecessary. You can start off by helping the gravediggers, which will reduce the number of guards later on, though we did the mission without this help.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-3-The-Prophet-Starting-Position Image
The starting position provides a good place to plan your approach.
If you want to trigger Lafrenière spawning earlier, you can just hide in a hay bale, hold interact button and after a cutscene, he will spawn. This way you can assassinate him quickly and make a run for it.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-3-The-Prophet-Hide-in-Hay-bale Image
Hide in a haybale to trigger his spawning.
Side objectives include: 3 Cover Kills and 4 Sabotaged Alarm Bells. Number of alarm bells you disabled transfer, so you can disable them even after he spawns or before, once the mission starts. Our way of doing it is a combination of the two, disarming a few alarm bells at first, then making him spawn. This helps, since there will be a lot of guards later. Make sure to go over the rooftops to get as close to him as possible, kill the guards in the process.

Assassins-Creed-Unity-Sequence-5-Memory-3-The-Prophet-Assassinate-Lafreniere Image
Circle over rooftops, until you find a good position.
This way you’ll do this mission quicker, but still do the side objectives as well. Prepare your escape route before you assassinate him, since the guards are armed with rifles and you have to be really quick to make a run for it.