Assassin's Creed Unity Virgo Nostradamus Enigma

Virgo is a four star difficulty Nostradamus Enigma mission in Assassin’s Creed Unity. It takes place in Porte-Saint-Denis district of the game around the infamous slums found in the area.
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I came across it as I was doing main story missions for Sequence 4. All riddles are solved by visiting landmark spots in that area so make sure you uncover the viewpoint for that district to easily find the solution locations. Bellow you will find screenshots taking you through each riddle and showing you how to solve them.

Virgo Enigma Starting Location

1st Riddle Solution

In the Sanctuary of Sins,
Light and shadow dance,
And the Ignoble Nobleman
Defines his actions with his name

Sanctuary of Sins immediately reminded me of a brothel. Since finding location of a brothel in revolutionary Paris is not that easy I decided to check out the landmarks nearby (since solutions to first riddles are usually close to where the enigma starts). Turns out the landmark to the southeast is Marquis de Sade’s brothel (it is operated by him after Sequence 4 Memory 2 of the main storyline) and that is where I found the solution to the first riddle.

2nd Riddle Solution

Lying in the filth,
The fallen Godly symbol
Lights the heresies
Of the False King’s Court.

Luckily I did several Sequence 4 main story missions before seeing this riddle. This helped because “The fallen Godly symbol” instantly reminded me of a fallen cross I saw in Cour des Miracles slums (there is a landmark with the same name there). Sure enough I found the rune and solution to the second Virgo riddle.

3rd Riddle Solution

The familiar cross-road,
Where decadence is sold.
The sadness of the seller,
Obscured by rouge.

I had no idea where to look for this riddle’s solution. Google search for “prostitutes’ corner Paris” revealed that a nearby street Rue Saint-Denis is famous for it but none of the crossroads there had the solution. Since previous two riddles got solved close to landmark icons I decided to check out the remaining landmarks in the vicinity and lo and behold, one of the landmarks is placed in the middle of a crossroad where five streets meet. That is where I found the solution for the third and final riddle of the Virgo Enigma.

Here’s a quick video recap of Virgo riddle solutions:

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