Lego batman 3 Level 2 walkthrough - Batcave

Story Characters Batman, Robin, Alfred
SuitsBatman – Power Suit can be used to destroy silver lego objects.
Robin – Techno Suite can be use to interact with tech panels

Once in the Batcave, equip Sensor Suite to connect wires behind the green wall, and open a nearby locker. Pull off the pin from the locker to discover Batman Power suite.
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Smash everything around then use hopping Lego bricks to build a spinner. Push the green side of the spinner and stairs to your right will appear. The stairs leads you to the security room. In order to sneak past the security camera change to Batman’s Sensor Suit and hold down circle / B button to activate stealth mode. Inside security room use Power Suit’s explosive attacks to destroy a silver structure and reveal a lever. Push the lever, than switch to Robin and collect Robin – Techno Suite. Approach the techno panel in your new Techno Suite, press circle / B button to interact with the panel and solve the puzzle.