Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Embargo End Date

When does the review embargo lift for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora? The highly-anticipated next open-world game from Massive Entertainment is almost here. The expectations are high from this action-adventure title, both from fans of Ubisoft open-world games and from a much bigger audience of Avatar fans. In this guide, we talk about the Avatar Frontiers review embargo end date and when you can expect to start reading and watching reviews.

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Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Embargo End Date
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review Embargo End Date

When Does Review Embargo Lift for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora?

So, when is the Avatar Frontiers review embargo end date? At the time of writing, which is November 27th, 2023, Ubisoft hasn’t yet officially specified the date when the embargo will be lifted. However, Ubisoft will soon start distributing review codes for the game. Hence, once critics get their hands on review copies of the game, they will also be informed about the embargo end date. Once we have that information, we will make sure to share it with you so that you know when you will be able to read your favourite reviewers and learn more about the game. This, of course, includes our review! However, while we are waiting for the official confirmation, we can make an educated guess.

Over the last couple of years, the standard rule for major Ubisoft game releases was practically the same. Namely, for almost every Ubisoft game, the embargo was lifted 24 hours ahead of the release. Or on a release day, at midnight New Zealand time. Hence, given that Avatar Frontiers of Pandora launches on December 7th, you can expect reviews to start dropping on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023. That’s the most likely Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Review embargo end date. However, keep in mind that this is only our speculation. Once we have this information confirmed, we will update this article.

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