Reverse 1999 Crazy Fan in Chapter 12 Solution

Not sure how to complete the Reverse 1999 “In chapter 12, defeat the Crazy Fan within 3 rounds after he appears” achievement? The new UTTU mode gives players an opportunity to complete 35 unique stages while using the new deck-building system. However, one particular achievement is confusing many players. Namely, people are not sure how to summon the Crazy Fan in Chapter 12 in order to complete this challenge. Read on as we explain all you need to know.

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Reverse 1999 Crazy Fan in Chapter 12 Solution
Reverse 1999 Crazy Fan in C12 Solution (Image Credit: TheNytez via Reddit)

How to Complete Reverse 1999 Defeat Crazy Fan in Chapter 12

The recent 1.1 update for Reverse 1999 has added a rather interesting time-limited mode called UTTU. In this event, players will need to go through 35 unique chapters in order to unravel the story and collect some juicy rewards, such as APPLe’s garment “Echoing to Woodstock” and a new avatar “, Montage of Acey”. The event ends on December 7, so players will have more than enough time to complete all the chapters and grab most of the rewards.

However, for those who seek a bigger challenge, there are special achievements that will test your mettle and measure your current skills in the game. And while most of them are rather straightforward in terms of what you need to do, there’s one particular challenge that is driving players mad. And no, it’s not because it’s hard to do. Rather, because it is seemingly asking impossible.

The challenge says: “In chapter 12, defeat the Crazy Fan within 3 rounds after he appears”. Sounds pretty self-explanatory. However, there’s one “little” issue. The Crazy Fan is nowhere to be found in chapter 12! So, what’s this all about? Luckily, it’s not a bug. Rather, it is a typo in the achievement description. Namely, what you need to do is to defeat the Crazy Fan within 3 rounds after he appears in Chapter 20! Do this, and you will have this achievement completed.

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