How to Beat BG3 Balthazar Fast

As every Baldur’s Gate 3 player knows, the bosses in this game rank among the most difficult enemies you can face. And with good reason, as they often not only surpass you in levels, but also posses powerful abilities, spells, and items that make them very hard to beat. Of course, if you can pull it off, you’ll be rewarded not just with some really nice XP, but some of the best loot in the entire game. Balthazar is one such boss. And while you can take him on fairly, there is a way to defeat him that is both very fast, as well as hilarious. So if you were wondering how to beat Balthazar fast in BG3, we are going to show you this entire method, from start to finish.

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How to Beat BG3 Balthazar Fast
How to Beat BG3 Balthazar Fast

How to Beat Balthazar Fast in Baldur’s Gate 3

When you approach Balthazar here, a short cutscene will play. When it is over, the next thing that you need to do is to select a character with a high Strength score. If you are playing as a martial-focused character such as a Fighter or a Barbarian, then this is probably your main character. And if that isn’t the case, then Lae’zel or Karlach should be able to do what’s required. In any case, approach Balthazar so that you are facing him as if you want to speak to him. Then, choose a high-STR character and select the Shove option.

Before you shove him, make sure (you can see the arrow indicator that is pointing how far you are going to shove him) that you have aimed this correctly. What you want to do is to aim for the abyss behind him. If you have done this correctly, he is going to fall there and immediately die. And if you were wondering if you are still going to get his loot, the answer is – yes. So there’s really no reason not to do this, as it will save you a lot of time and effort you would have otherwise needed to spend fighting him.

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    So, I pushed him into the abyss but he didn’t leave any loot behin (I searched the whole place and his remains are nowhere to be found). Might that be a bug because I pretty much lost out on quite a bit.

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