BG3 Paladin Best Feats at Level 4

Deciding what the best feat for your Paladin at level 4 in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3 is can be difficult. There are so many choices, and many of them sound so good. And they can pay off, absolutely. But which one should you go for? You only get to choose every four levels, after all. Let’s get into it.

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bg3 paladin best feats at level 4
BG3 Paladin Best Feats at Level 4

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Level 4 Paladin Feat

The best feat to take for the Paladin at level 4 in Baldur’s Gate 3 or BG3 is the Ability Improvement. You want to take those extra two Ability Points and invest them either in Strength or in Charisma, depending on what your main damage stat is. Charisma applies pretty much only for the Pact of the Blade, I think. Alternatively, if both your Strength and Charisma are at an odd number, you can add one point to each to get the bonuses from both. Remember, stats related to an ability increase when that ability reaches an even number.

Now, if you really insist on taking another feat, there are a few that should do you good, depending on your build. For example, Heavily Armored raises your Strength by 1 and grants Heavy Armour Proficiency. Charger is also kinda fun. Another good Paladin feat to take at level 4 in Baldur’s Gate 3 or BG3 could be Durable. It raises your Constitution by 1 and lets you regain full HP on a short rest. Heavy Armour Master increases Strength by 1 and reduces incoming non-magical damage by 3 if you’re wearing Heavy Armor. Martial Adept is also a cool feat to have, as is Resilient. Take one that will gel well with your build.

And there you go, those are some of the feats to consider for your Paladin. One more that I could add is Tough, if you want to go the extra tank route. It increases your character’s hit point maximum by 2 for every level gained. Not bad, but also not super-interesting. Sentinel is also pretty good, and Great Weapon Master, too. The latter even more so. As with the Sorcerer, I still strongly encourage you to go with the Ability Improvement. Get that Strength and/or Charisma up.

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