BG3 Warlock Best Feats at Level 4

Role-playing games typically have a lot of character-building options, and, of course, Baldur’s Gate III is no exception to this rule. In fact, since BG3 has a lot of classes, sub-classes, races, and other options, it is arguably even more complex than the average RPG. In it, you won’t just be making important choices during character creation, but also during level ups. Not all classes are equally complicated to play, but the Warlock definitely stands out as one of the harder ones. As such, you are no doubt wondering what are the best feats for the Warlock to get at Level 4 in BG3. Here’s what our choice here would be.

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Best Feat for Warlock at Level 4 BG3
BG3 Warlock Best Feats at Level 4

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Feat for Warlock at Level 4

When you reach Level 4 for your Warlock characters (either on your own Main Character Warlock, or Wyll, or possibly a hireling that you’ve gotten from Withers), one of the level up options you’re going to be presented with is choosing a Feat. The right Feat can drastically improve your character, making them much more powerful and useful in and out of combat. But the problem here is that there are many “trap” selections that don’t really do a lot for your character. For example, a melee-oriented character shouldn’t pick a Feat that deals with ranged damage and magic. So what is the best Feat for your Level 4 Warlock?

By far, the best feat choice here to pick is the Ability Improvement. Of course, you should put both points into Charisma. Since this is the primary casting attribute of the Warlock, this increased Charisma will make them much better at casting spells. And, by extension, a greatly increased performance both in and out of combat. It is particularly good if this is your player character, and you want to successfully make all of those difficult Persuasion checks, which rely on CHA. If you want to role-play a bit differently, the Spell Sniper is likewise a good selection. With this, you’ll not only gain a new Cantrip, but your spells are also more likely to cause a Critical Hit. Needless to say, a Critical Hit can swing the tide of battle in your favor.

War Caster allows you to better maintain Concentration on a spell, as well as to use a Reaction to automatically cast Shocking Grasp on an enemy that is moving away from you. Finally, if you are playing a more martial-focused characters (and have selected the Pact of the Blade), then the Moderately Armoured feat could be a great way to boost your defenses. It also comes with an extra ability point for either STR or DEX.

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