BG3 Gale Best Feats

Gale is a Human Wizard possible companion and Origin character in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can choose to play as him, or to have him as a member of your party. In either case, being a Wizard, he is one of the most powerful characters you can have. Though, this greatly depends on how you build him. His spell selection, gear, and, of course – the feats you select for him. This is because the right feat can make him even more potent. As such, it’s very important that you select only the best feats for Gale in BG3, and we are going to list all of the best feat choices for him right here.

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Best Feats for Gale BG3
BG3 Gale Best Feats

Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Feats for Gale

Being a Wizard, Gale has a lot more good and viable options when it comes to feats. The easiest choice would be to simply get Ability Improvement, and then put both points into Intelligence. As INT is the primary spellcasting stat, this will greatly benefit him in the long run. Of course, you could also always go for the Elemental Adept. This casues spells of a specific damage type to ignore the enemy’s resistance. Additionally, you can’t roll a critical fail (1) when casting those spells. Depending on your spell selection, it can be a very powerful feat.

Spell Sniper provides you with an additional cantrip, but much more importantly – it improves your chances of scoring a Critical Hit with spells. And, finally, Lucky. Select this is going to give you three Luck Points. This is a rechargable resource that you can use to – among other things – gain an advantage on your Attack Rolls. Since the Wizard relies on making sure that their spells connect to their intended targets, this is a great way to ensure that you will hit and damage the enemy.

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