BG3 Wizard Best Feats

The Wizard is a classic staple of most RPGs. While they usually start out fairly weak, this magic-using class can quickly become the most powerful member of the party. Of course, this is very dependent on you picking the right spells, getting appropriate gear, and – choosing the right feats. While every class has a number of good feats that they can (and should) select, the Wizard is especially reliant on feats for their builds. If you were wondering which Wizard feats are the best ones in BG3, we have the full list of all the most optimal Wizard feats, as well as how they work, right here.

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Best BG3 Wizard Feats
BG3 Wizard Best Feats

Best Feats for Wizard at Level 4

Since at this point, your Wizard is still coming into their own and doesn’t yet have access to all the big spells they’ll have later on, it’s best to invest into increasing your primary stat – Intelligence. You can do this by selecting the Ability Improvement feat, and then putting both points into INT. Elemental Adept is another great choice here. It allows you to ignore the enemy’s damage resistance of a certain type. Additionally, you can no longer roll a critical fail when casting spells.

Next – Spell Sniper. This feat lets you learn an extra cantrip, but much more importantly – you can now more easily cause a Critical Hit with your spells. If you are constantly getting killed or knocked out in combat, then you may try increasing your HP with Tough. And with Ritual Caster, you immediately learn two Ritual Spells. These provide long-term bonuses, such as Speaking With the Dead, jumping further, and so on. Finally, Lucky. This feat will give you three Luck Points. They regenerate after a rest, and you can use these LP to gain an Advantage against enemies.

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