BG3 Give Noblestalk to Baelen or Derryth Choice

Should you give the Noblestalk to Baelen or Derryth in Baldur’s Gate 3? After you find the missing Baelen the Mushroom Picker in the Underdark, you will be presented with a choice. Namely, you will need to decide should you give the rare Noblestalk mushroom to the Mushroom Picker, or to Derryth, his wife who’s running the shop. Alternatively, you can also keep it for yourself, as it is a rare item. In this guide, we explain what will happen if you give it to the Mushroom Picker’s wife and to Baelen.

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BG3 Give Noblestalk to Baelen or Derryth Choice
Baldur’s Gate 3 Give Noblestalk to Baelen or Derryth Choice

Should You Give the Noblestalk to Baelen or Derryth in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Once you reach the Underdark in BG3, you soon find yourself in a Myconids settlement. Aside from these mystical fungoids, you’ll also find a couple of non-Myconids residents. For example, Derryth, a Dwarven Trader will tell you about her missing husband, Baelen. This will trigger the “Find the Mushroom Picker” side quest. Now, we will not go into details here on when you will be able to find Baelen, as that’s not the topic of this guide. You will find him in the Underdark, surrounded by Bibberbang. You will be able to help him with Misty Step’s scroll, and he will return to the Myconids village. Make sure to grab the Noblestalk in the back right corner of the location where you’ve saved him.

When you find Baelen back home, you’ll soon realize that he’s not quite himself right now. It seems that something has happened to him, making him lightheaded. At this point, you can give the Noblestalk either to him to cure him or to his wife Derryth to help her with the shop.

If you give the Noblestalk to Baelen, he will regain his memory and intellect, and he will immediately accuse his wife of enslaving him. His attitude toward her will be contemptuous and authoritative. It is clear that he is an abusive and angry husband and that she did what she did in order to protect herself from her abusive husband. If you give it to Derryth and she will keep it and give you Gloves of Uninhibited Kushigo as a reward. She will also welcome you to her shop at Baldur’s Gate.

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