How to Change Armor Color, Dye Clothes in Baldur’s Gate 3

We all want our characters to look their absolute best. Having the ability to customize their looks in character creation is all well and good, but sometimes you will yearn to take this to the next level. For example, imagine you got a great new armor set, but it just looks off on your character when you equip it. This can be fixed by changing its color set. Though, this option isn’t present in Baldur’s Gate III right from the start of the game. So how can you do this? By finding a dye vendor and purchasing some dye from them. Though, it’s a bit more complicated than that. In this guide, we are going to explain exactly how to change armor color and dye clothes in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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How to Change Armor Color, Dye Clothes in Baldur’s Gate 3
How to Change Armor Color, Dye Clothes in Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Change Armor Color and Dye Clothes in BG3

In order to change the color of your armor and to dye your clothes in BG3, you are first going to need to obtain some dye. While you can also come across dye while exploring the world and discover it in chests, other containers, and on bodies of fallen enemies, the most reliable way is to simply buy some. You can do this by purchasing dyes from a dye vendor. Though, note that the traders that sell these won’t be called like that, so be sure to check every trader’s stock to see if they are also selling dyes besides their other wares. There should also be some dye in the Camp Chest if you have the Digital Deluxe Edition DLC.

The first dye merchant that you will meet in the game is Arron. He can be found in the Druid’s Grove. We have marked his location in our screenshot gallery. Simply buy some dye from him and then go into your inventory. Right-click on the dye and select the combine items option. Then put in the armor set or clothes that you want to dye into the next slot and press the Combine button. Your armor or clothes will now change color.

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