BG3 Scuffed Rock Can't Move Solution

During your long adventures in Baldur’s Gate III, you will come across many puzzles. Sometimes these will take the form of elaborate head-scratchers, while other times they will be optional little interactions. But even the tiniest such puzzle can still lead to great rewards. Which means that it is most definitely worth doing all of them just the same. One such early-game puzzle comes in the form of a curious rock. A Scuffed Rock, to be specific. But what can you do with this rock? Throw it out of the way? Move it somehow? And what do you get from solving this puzzle? Here’s the solution if you can’t move the Scuffed Rock in BG3.

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Scuffed Rock Baldur's Gate 3
BG3 Scuffed Rock Can’t Move Solution

How to Move Scuffed Rock in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will find the Scuffed Rock on the beach near the crashed ship. You can go here right after the prologue. When you get close to it, you – or one of your companions – are going to need to pass a Perception check in order to spot it. Each character rolls their own Perception check, so odds are good that someone will spot it. So what do you need to do with this rock once you can interact with it?

Don’t bother trying to throw it, the trick lies in that you only need to move it a little bit. Of course, as it is a very big rock, not every character will be able to do this. You need to have high Strength if you want to pull it off. Character classes that require high Strength – such as Fighters and Barbarians – shouldn’t have any trouble here. Alternatively, you can simply have a strong companion do this. Lae’zel, one of the best companions in BG3, is particularly well-suited for this task, with her very high STR. To do this, select a the character you want to use to move the Scuffed Rock. Left-mouse click on the rock and hold and then move it, along with the rock. Besides this method, you can also move it by using the Thunderwave spell. Gale can cast this. In either case, this will reveal your prize underneath – a Harper’s Map.

Your reward for moving the Scuffed Rock
Your reward for moving the Scuffed Rock.
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