BG3 Dammon Location, Find Infernal Mechanic

Dammon is one of the many characters that you will meet in your adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will first encounter him in near the beginning of the game – in the Druid’s Grove refugee camp. As a Tiefling and accomplished blacksmith, he understands how to craft powerful infernal gear. This makes him a very useful NPC, the only one that can produce certain items, as well as help with The Chosen of Shar quest. Though, at a certain point in the game, he will leave the refugee camp. When this happens, you will no doubt wonder where is the exact BG3 Dammon location after the refugee camp, and how to find this Infernal Mechanic. But don’t worry, as we are here to answer that question.

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BG3 Dammon Location After Refugee Camp
BG3 Dammon Location, Find Infernal Mechanic

Where Can Dammon Be Found After He Leaves the Refugee Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

This won’t occur before you begin Act 2. Once you have done that, you are going to need to make your way to the very aptly-named Last Light Inn. This is where many of the characters from the previous Act 1 have wound up. This includes the Strange Ox, and, of course, Dammon himself. Before you can explore the entire area here, you are first going to have to gain the trust of a character that is very well known to anyone that has played Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2 – Jaheira.

After that, head to the inn’s stables. They are right next to the main building there, so you really can’t miss it. Inside, you will find Dammon. Now you can talk to him to get his help with crafting the Flawed Helldusk Armor set for you. And even more importantntly, you also need his assistance if you want to help your faithful companion Karlach. So, as you can see, this is where you can find the Infernal Mechanic, Dammon, once he has left the refugee camp.

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