BG3 Flawed Helldusk Armor

There are few things that can compare to the satisfaction of getting more powerful gear in a role-playing game. And while this can include all manner of spells, abilities, and other items, it’s better weapons and armor that that we often look forward to the most. Needless to say, Baldur’s Gate 3 has a lot of these. One particular armor set that you can get relatively early on in the game is the Flawed Helldusk Armor set. Though, there are several things about this armor that you need to be aware of. We are going to go over everything related to the Flawed Helldusk Armor in BG3, including how to get it, its stats, and how to avoid the possible dangers associated with acquiting it.

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Flawed Helldusk Armor Baldur's Gate 3
BG3 Flawed Helldusk Armor

How to Craft Flawed Helldusk Armor Baldur’s Gate 3

To be able to craft this set of armor, you will need either x3 Infernal Iron, or x1 Infernal Alloy. The important thing to note here is that the Infernal Alloy is by far the better option, since you are going to need the Infernal Iron if you want to help your companion Karlach. The Infernal Iron is obtainable from the Goblin Camp and from the Blighted Village. And the Infernal Alloy is the reward that you can get by helping the stonemason near the docks. Once you have these, go and talk to Dammon.

You can find this blacksmith either in The Hollow (near where Wyll is), or near the stables at the Last Light Inn. Speak to him and select the “I found this metal in a place called Grymforge – what do you make of it?” dialogue option. Repeat this three times and he will make you the Flawed Helldusk Helmet, Flawed Helldusk Armour, and Flawed Helldusk Gloves. You’ll get the Boots in another location. Finally, for some players, this entire interaction with Dammon appears to be bugged. Because of that, it’s best to save before you talk to him about the armor.

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