BG3 Free The Artist, How to Destroy Portrait

If you’re having trouble with how to destroy the portrait in BG3 Free the Artist, don’t worry, we’ll explain how to solve this step of the Baldur’s Gate 3 step in this guide. First off, we will go into where to find the item necessary to destroy the picture and where the picture itself actually is. After that, we will talk about some of the possible pitfalls you might run into.

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bg3 free the artist how to destroy portrait
BG3 Free The Artist, How to Destroy Portrait

How to Destroy Portrait in BG3 Free the Artist

To destroy the portrait in the Free the Artist quest in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3, you first need to obtain the Torch of Revocation. During the quest, you’ll meet the Mystic Carrion in Philgrave’s Mansion. Whether you help the undead creature or kill it, you’ll get the Torch. For more info on the monster’s quest, check out our guides titled Mystic Carrion Heart Locations and Find Thrumbo. Anyways, once you get the Torch, you have to go to the Jannath’s Estate Atelier. At the coordinates X: -265, Y: -47, you’ll find the Portrait of a Smiling Maiden. Use the Torch of Revocation on the portrait to wipe it out of existence. Oh, but if only it could be that simple, right?

See, before you can destroy the portrait in BG3 Free the Artist, you have to fight through a bunch of flaming skulls that keep pushing you down the stairs. They are really difficult to destroy, and even if you run past them to the portrait, you’ll stay stuck in combat. That prevents you from using the Torch on the picture. So, you either have to use Fly or Portal or something similar to zip to the portrait without getting into combat, or fight the skulls. They can be destroyed by casting Remove Curse on them, or Disintegrate, or a good ole Fireball. You don’t have to hit them directly; you should be fine as long as they’re inside the AoE. Good luck whatever you choose!

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