How to Leave Astral Plane BG3

The Astral Plane is an important part of the cosmology of Dungeons and Dragons. A strange place that is almost devoid of any material or substance, it is inhabited by few creatures – with the notable exception of Githyanki. As part of Lae’zel’s companion quest “The Githyanki Warrior”, you will visit this barren place. But how can you leave the Astral Plane in BG3 once you have done everything you needed to do there? In this guide, we are going to show you exactly where to go and what to do if you cannot seem to be able to leave this area.

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How to Leave Astral Plane BG3
How to Leave Astral Plane BG3

How to Leave Astral Plane in BG3

In normal circumstances, all that you need to do in order to get out of the Astral Plane is to interact with the Portal to the Material Plane. It looks like a shining silver disk. When you interact with it, you’ll get a message asking you whether you are sure that you want to leave the Astral Plane. If you click yes, you will be automatically teleported back. But what should you do in case the portal is not there?

This appears to be a bug. Specifically, it bugs out after the fight against the Gith. As far as we can tell, currently there is no way for you to fix this, other than loading up a game before you had the conversation and fight here. It’s unfortunate, but it’s all that you can do. Hopefully, this issue – and other bugs such as this – are going to be fixed soon, in an upcoming patch or hotfix. Since the latter part of the game – especially Act 3 – is significantly more buggy than the start of the game, it is our recommendation that you constantly save, as you’ll never know when you need to reload in order to fix something.

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