BG3 He Who Was & Madeline Choices

In our BG3 He Who Was & Madeline Choices guide, we are going to show you what happens in each of the ending choices of the Punish the Wicked quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. This happens after you find and bring Madeline’s ledger to the cultist and learn about what’s actually going on here. You can side with either He Who Was or Madeline, depending on your moral compass. Here’s what happens in each case, but before we begin: be sure to save before making the choice, lest you fail a check.

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bg3 he who was & madeline choices
BG3 He Who Was & Madeline Choices

Side with He Who Was BG3 Punish the Wicked Choice

There are technically two choices you can pick in Punish the Wicked in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3 that side with He Who Was instead of Madeline. The first one (hurt yourself as Ben and Marc did) requires a DC 14 Persuasion check, and will probably make your companions displeased with you. Moreover, He Who Was will also be angry because you weren’t supposed to harm his body. Therefore, you’ll go straight into combat once the cultist comes back. In other words, this is by far the worst option.

The second choice (you murdered your friends, you are a coward) is the way to go if you want to take the side of He Who Was. You’ll have to pass a DC 10 Persuasion check, which shouldn’t be to difficult. Especially if you’ve saved beforehand like I told you. As a reward, the cultist will give you the Raven Gloves, which let you summon a raven to your aid.

Side with Madeline Choice BG3

If you want to side with Madeline instead of He Who Was in the BG3 Punish the Wicked quest, your choices are limited to just one: the third one (this wasn’t your fault – I promise). Funnily enough, there Persuasion DC is 10, the same as for the second choice. Personally, I feel like it should have been higher given Madeline’s guilt, but whatever. If you manage to give Madeline some peace, the cultist will be very mad indeed, and will immediately attack you. After the fight, you can loot his corpse, but you won’t find the Raven Gloves.

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