How to Enter BG3 House of Hope

Just like in Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, Baldur’s Gate 3 is also full of dangerous areas that are hard to get into – and even harder to then get out of. The House of Hope is one such location. This is where the fearsome devil Raphael makes his home, so if you want to take the fight to him, you will first need to know how you can gain access to this place. As one would expect, this is far from easy. So to help you achieve this great feat, we are going to explain how to enter the House of Hope in BG3.

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How to Enter BG3 House of Hope
How to Enter BG3 House of Hope

How to Enter the House of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will first meet Raphael early on in the game. Initially appearing as a human, he will quickly reveal his true form – that of a Cambion. He will then teleport you to an extravagant room – which will be your introduction to the House of Hope itself. There, Raphael will offer to help you with your Mind Flayer problem. In exchange, he wants you to sign over your soul to him. As we’re sure you’ll agree, this is not exactly a great offer.

The earliest point when you will be able to get back to the House of Hope is once you enter the city of Baldur’s Gate late in game. To gain entry to the House of Hope itself, look for a shop called Devil’s Fee. You can find it in the lower city. Interact with the woman there, and she is going to offer to help you break into Raphael’s House of Hope. She charges 10k for this, but you can talk her into lowering the price down to just 1k. Once you pay, you’ll get a book with instructions on how to perform a ritual that will take you there. Of course, we don’t have to point out that this is a very dangerous area, and you should only go there if you are absolutely sure that you can handle it. There is some great loot in the HoH, including the Flawed Helldusk Armor.

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