How to Light up a Torch Baldur’s Gate 3

Torches have long since been closely tied to works of fantasy. Lighting the way of countless adventure-seekers while they descend into the depths of dungeons, caves, and all other manner of dark and dangerous places, they are an invaluable tool of every well-preprared adventurers. So it’s no wonder that torches are also available in Baldur’s Gate III as well. However, unlike in most video games, where you simply need to equip a torch and it is already lit up, this process works somewhat differently in BG3. If, like we did, you are struggling with figuring out how to light up a torch in Baldur’s Gate 3, then this guide is going to explain everything you need to know about how torches work in BG3.

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How to Light up a Torch Baldur’s Gate 3
How to Light up a Torch Baldur’s Gate 3

How to Light a Torch in BG3

The first step here is to obtain a Torch. While you don’t start the game with one (or much of any equipment, really), you will soon come across it in your journey – either by killing and then looting an enemy that has one, or by purchasing it from a vendor. In any case, after that, the next step is to equip it. So go into your inventory and do that. Though you may find some torches which are already lit, most of them are not – making them pretty useless tools.

Luckily, this is pretty easy to solve. What you need to do is to find an already existing source of fire (such as candles). Then – while the torch is still equipped on your character – the next step is to use the Dip action. This can be found in your action bar at the bottom of the screen. So with the torch in hand, select the Dip action and then choose the source of fire that you want to use to light the torch. If you have done this correctly, you’re now going to have a torch that is on fire and capable of giving off light.

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